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We represent Men’s rights.

Both men and women should have their rights respected. Gender equality works both ways. People are people.

In this modern era many innocent men are being demonized and punished unfairly, we want to help them and tell the honest truth. We do not represent criminals and monsters who are guilty of actual crimes against women.

Everyone deserves a fair chance and to exercise their human rights regardless of their gender.

Helping Men Charity

Prosecutors File False Report Charge Against Filthy Feminist Patricia Crosby-White After It Was Discovered That She Lied About A Fake Sexual Assault That Never Happened

Boise City Prosecutors filed a misdemeanour charge of providing false information to law enforcement against Patricia Crosby-White after a Boise Police investigation.  The lying suspect, Patricia Crosby-White told Boise Police officers that an unknown male got into her vehicle without permission in a parking lot on Overland Road. Crosby-White then said the male ordered her […]

Indian Feminist Jyoti Joshi Gets 6 Years In Jail For Perjury After Making False Claims In Court In Order To Cheat More Maintenance Payments From Her Ex-Husband

Indian feminist Jyoti Joshi married Yogesh Joshiin 1987 and the couple lived in Chalala town in Ahmedabad. After things went sour between the couple, the greedy wife approached court in the year 2003 and secured Rs 1,100, the maintenance was later increased to Rs 2,000. In the year 2007, the gold digger woman once again […]

Evil Ex-Girlfriend Esha Verma Falsely Claimed Her Ex-Boyfriend Raped Her To Punish Him For Breaking Up With Her, Leaving Him Suicidal

Evil ex-girlfriend Esha Verma falsely claimed her ex-boyfriend raped her to punish him for ending their relationship. Esha Verma, of Wellington, NZ, lodged an official complaint with the scumbags at Rape Crisis only hours after showing up at her ex’s house uninvited in an attempt to win him back. The 37-year-old provided police a three-hour […]

Corrupt Prosecutors Lambasted By Court For Setting Up An Innocent Man & Aiding False Accuser Female Despite There Being A Lack Of Evidence In Fake Rape Case

A court cleared a man of raping a Miss Universe contestant, after the false accuser female said she had been drunk at the time, in a judgment lambasting the corrupt prosecutors for effectively basing its case on a single chat. The 18-year-old man was arraigned  after the girl and her lawyer, Lara Dimitriyevic, filed a […]

New York Feminist Stephanie A. Kicak Pleads Guilty To Fabricating A Rape Allegation To Cover Up An Affair

Stephanie A. Kicak, 20, pled guilty to a sole count of false reports before President Judge Maureen Skerda. When Skerda asked her why she was in court, Kicak said she “accused someone of something they didn’t do.” According to the affidavit of probable cause, Kicak reported to City of Warren police that she was raped at […]

Female Child Rapist Brittni Gray Arrested For Raping 14 Year Old Boy & Becoming Pregnant With His Child After Year Of Sexual Abuse

Female child rapist Brittni Gray was accused of sexually abusing a 14-year-old boy over a 12-month period and is understood to be pregnant with his child. Brittni Gray, 23, was arrested by Arkansas police after receiving a child abuse hotline tip in  last year. A second hotline tip came through from a second witness, who […]

False Accuser Land Whale Christina Kempton Caught Out By Police Making False Rape Report

In the lead up to Christina Kempton’s false rape report, her social media activities indicated chronic loneliness and it’s easy to see why. She sometimes made no less than 20 posts/shares in one day. With her loneliness and boredom reaching unbearable psycho levels, Christina Kempton decided to “act silly” alone and launch all 300+ pounds of herself as […]

Nearly Half Of Female Soldiers Still Failing New Army Fitness Test, While Males Pass Easily (Biological Fact: Men Are Physically Stronger Than Women Because Of Testosterone)

More than seven months after the official launch of the Army Combat Fitness Test, or ACFT, nearly half of female soldiers are still falling short, with enlisted women struggling the most, has learned. The data again raises questions about whether the army’s attempt to create a woke force is creating a weaker army because […]

Innocent Couple Cleared Of False Allegation Of Rape As Court Rules Sex Was Consensual / The False Accuser Female Who Lied After She Regretted Having A Threesome Is Investigated For Perjury

An innocent couple who faced a one-day trial over the fake rape of a lying Maltese woman that allegedly took place in a hotel room nine years ago were cleared on the strength of evidence showing that the sex was consensual. The fake victim had claimed that the Tunisian man and his Maltese girlfriend had […]

Florida Prostitute Dalia Dippolito, Convicted Of Trying To Arrange A Hit On Her Husband, Seeks New Trial Via Bias Gynocentric Legal System In Order To Get Away With Her Crime

A Florida prostitute convicted of attempting to hire an undercover cop to murder her husband is hoping for a new trial to get away with the crime via the bias shown in current western gynocentric legal systems. Dalia Dippolito was originally convicted in 2011 after being recorded in a conversation in which she paid an […]

Liberal Female Amazon Delivery Driver Itzel Ramirez Arrested For Brutally Assaulting An Elderly Woman For Having White Skin

A liberal feminist woman working as an Amazon delivery driver was arrested in Castro Valley after she repeatedly punched a 67-year-old woman wondering where her package was, authorities said. Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies took Itzel Ramirez, 21, into custody. That’s after they received a 911 call from the victim who said the Amazon driver punched […]

Superstar Actor Brad Pitt Wins Equal Custody Of His 6 Children, Yet The Feminist Media Paint It As A Loss For Parental Alienator Angelina Jolie (Because Feminism Is Not About Equality, It’s About Female Supremacy)

Brad Pitt is “delighted’ to have won joint custody of his kids in his legal battle with bitter ex Angelina Jolie. The divorce and custody battle has been “hell on earth” for Brad, and he is “on guard” against any further legal attacks from his ex. The Fight Club star won a major victory over […]

Oscar Winning Actor Geoffrey Rush Wins Defamation Case Against Scumbag Feminist News Outlets Because They Tried To Have Him Cancelled Via Trial By Media False Sexual Misconduct Allegations Made By Lying False Accuser Females

Geoffrey Rush, the Oscar-winning actor who was falsely accused of sexual misconduct by a lying former feminist co-star, has won a defamation lawsuit against the publisher of the Australian outlet that printed the allegations. The newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, published the false claims made by a false accuser female co-star during a 2015 production of King Lear. Rush filed a […]

Australian Star Actor John Jarrett Proven Innocent After Horrific Ordeal With A False Accuser Female Who Lied About Being Raped 40 Years Previously

A jury has found Wolf Creek actor John Jarratt not guilty of raping a woman in Sydney more than 40 years ago. The 66-year-old stood trial in the NSW District Court after insisting all sex was consensual and he was right to say so! The false accuser female was 19 years old at the time […]

False Accuser Feminist Charged With Perjury For Lying Under Oath As Her Rape Lie Is Exposed By Security Cameras Which Revealed She Had Consensual Sex On A Bus

A false accuser feminist woman was charged with falsely accusing a bus driver of rape, judicial perjury and the fabrication of false evidence. The 21-year-old woman was been released on bail after she was charged with falsely accusing a bus driver of rape. Police inspectors Joseph Busuttil and Christabelle Chetcuti told magistrate Neville Camilleri that […]

Hero Dad Cleared Of False Accusations Of Domestic Violence Made By His Lunatic Alcohol Abusing Ex / Mother Of His Children

A man, who was cleared of domestic violence charges, is fighting to change the gender-based violence law, which he believes is being abused and leading to innocent people, especially men, losing their homes and children. “Not for a second am I saying all men are innocent. But there is an abuse of process here. I […]

Corrupt Australian Feminist Police Force Recruiters Suspended For Discriminating Against 200 Male Recruits In Favour Of Under Qualified Women

Two hundred men missed out on joining the Queensland police force because recruiters discriminated against them in favour of women. The Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission has said the state police service’s 50/50 recruitment strategy resulted in discriminatory practices being used against male candidates. Instead of advertising some positions exclusively for female candidates, the commission […]

Entitled Feminist Hag Maria Doris Axiak Convicted For Pouring Boiling Water Over Her Husband’s Face As He Slept Because He Told Her He Wanted To Leave The Marriage

A woman who poured boiling water over her husband’s face as he slept because he told her he wanted to leave the marriage has walked out of court after promising to be of good behaviour. Entitled feminist hag Maria Doris Axiak, 58, disconnected the landline and hid her husband’s keys and phone to prevent him […]

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