We represent Men’s rights.

Both men and women should have their rights respected. Gender equality works both ways. People are people.

In this modern era many innocent men are being demonized and punished unfairly, we want to help them and tell the honest truth. We do not represent criminals and monsters who are guilty of actual crimes against women.

Everyone deserves a fair chance and to exercise their human rights regardless of their gender.

Racist Labour MSP Pauline McNeil vs Admirable Life Coach Adnan Ahmed

Labour equalities spokeswoman Pauline McNeil commented on Adnan Ahmed. McNeil said; “the fact someone things such behaviour is appropriate in the 21st century – particularly given the recent revelations of the MeToo scandal – is an outrage.” Pauline McNeil is a fool. She simple read the mainstream press and made a ridiculous assumption about Adnan […]

Dishonest Tory Annie Wells vs Innocent Upstanding Dating Coach Addy AGame

Annie Wells, a Tory spokeswoman, made the following comment about Adnan Ahmed even though the low-level Scottish Conservative Party member had no business getting involved with matters that did not concern her, Wells stated; “this man is clearly a despicable individual who displays a vile approach to women and insulting view of men.” Annie Wells […]

Predator MSP Bob Doris vs Framed Glasgow Life Coach Adnan Ahmed

“Maryhill and Springburn MSP Bob Doris said the videos were an unsavoury reminder of some views that are still held in society.” Old Bob needed the publicity! Dirty perv predator Bob Doris should know better than to talk to the corrupt swine’s in the Scottish media. Bob, Adnan Ahmed is innocent, unlike Bob Doris’s pal […]

The Daily Mail Are A Racist And Islamophobic Publication, Behind the Defamation of Innocent People

The Daily Mail are no strangers to making totally false allegations, getting sued for them and having to pay out large sums of money to cover their mistakes. The crass publication recently apologised and paid a substantial sum of damages to University student Farah Kouttineh for her defamation through false allegations made against her stating […]

Adnan Ahmed Always Advocated Consent And Was Totally Against Coercion And Rape Culture

Let’s get one thing clear straight away. Adnan Ahmed has never been accused of rape, he has never raped anyone, he has never been charged with rape, nor had he ever promoted or been associated with “rape culture.” This is a disgusting accusation by hypocritical Islamophobic journalists. The Scottish Media stated, “Ahmed teaches how to […]

Addy AGame Ahmed: Supported By Public Majority Scrutinised By Social Media Minority!

In regards to outrage by the public, the Scottish Media was totally off the mark as usual. We see a pattern of incompetency emerging here with Scottish press. Ahmed received massive support from major political figures across the UK, along with people from London, Europe and all the way to the United States. Even Scottish […]

Addy AGame Ahmed is NOT A Predator, He Is An Innocent Man Who Was Framed By The Media

Hungry desperado reporters stated Ahmed “has been labelled a predator,” By who – reporter hack buddies and some sad weirdo online trolls. Addy is not a predator. He is an exemplary human being, a good father, he worked in the Criminal Justice field helping others and did daily community work (with NA, CA and AA) for free. He has […]

Human Rights Group Investigate BBC News And BBC Journalist Debbie Jackson’s Predatory News Articles Targeting Adnan Ahmed

Lying Scum BBC Reporter Debbie Jackson Talks Sexualised Non-Sense Defaming an Innocent Man; Adnan Ahmed The con men at the BBC are at it again. Making false allegations and publishing fake news. The BBC always find themselves in controversy one way or another; if it’s not conning pensioners out of TV licence money, it’s misconduct via their […]

Vile Racist Newspaper “The Daily Mail” Print False Allegations Against Addy AGame

A Bogus Article in The Daily Mail Written By Sleazy Social Justice Vile Reporters Rod Ardehali And Bhvishya Patel About The Police’s Wrongful Arrest And Investigation Of An Innocent Man Teaching Dating The Daily Mail are no strangers to making totally false allegations, getting sued for them and having to pay out large sums of […]

Fraud Bethany Smith Falsely Accuses Adnan Ahmed of Sexual Assault To Gain Fame, Even Though She Has Never Met Him Before

Bethany Smith has never met Adnan Ahmed, she saw a viral video defaming him online and decided to accuse him of a crime he did not do, to become famous. There is video evidence proving his innocence! Dating coach Adnan Ahmed faced a media scandal when BBC The Social reporter Myles Bonnar made a video […]

Liar Nicole Venus Barrett Falsely Accuses Adnan Ahmed Of Sexual Assault

Nicole Venus Barrett Caught Lying As She Contradicts Herself In Her Press and Police Statement   Reporters included in their articles quoting false accusation that was reported to the media by Nicole Venus Barrett against Adnan Ahmed. These false allegations are disgusting, Red Pill Rights cross-referenced statements regarding this matter from Adnan Ahmed, along with […]

Ashleigh Wilson, 18, Sent Explicit Picture Of A Lad To Parents

Double Standards For Revenge Porn/ Sex Crimes Between Men And Women- Ashleigh Wilson Story A teenage girl sent a sex snap of a man she met online to his mum and dad in a £3000 blackmail bid. Ashleigh Wilson, 18 also shared the image with his girlfriend, pals and workmates after he ignored her escalating […]

Adnan Ahmed Aka Addy AGame is a “Dating and Life Coach,” He is NOT A “Pick-Up Artist”

Creepy reporters label Adnan Ahmed as a “so-called pick-up artist.” Again misinformation, as Adnan Ahmed has said on many occasions, “I am not a pick-up artist, I’m a dating and life coach, we help people using scientific self-help not tricks, techniques,lines and tactics.” Adnan Ahmed has always maintained he is not a pick-up artist, he […]

Dirty Swines at Mirror Online and Amber Hicks, Twist Truth About Dating Coach Addy AGame Ahmed’s”Dating Advice” Videos

Reporter Amber Hicks And Phone Hackers At Daily Mirror Lie About “Lone Women” Being “Followed” By Addy AGame. Their Creepy Article “Contained Content Of A Sexual Nature” Because They Deliberately Wanted To Do So.   The Daily Mirror/ Mirror Online are lairs, cheats and thief’s. Look at their history of dishonesty, The Daily and Sunday Mirror […]

Addy AGame (Adnan Ahmed) Used “Shock Value” Video Titles To Market His Dating Business Which The Press Twisted To Demonise Him

Let us explain the concept of click bait video titles to you; Addy AGame Ahmed’s videos did have click bait titles, this was to attract more clientele as daytime dating videos are filmed and uploaded on an almost daily basis all across the UK and this industry is very competitive, having shock value titles is […]

“Despicable” Scottish Sun Newspaper and “Vile” Glasgow Reporter Christine Lavelle, Lie About Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed

The Scummy Scottish Sun and Sleazy Creep Journo Christine Lavelle Use Words Like “Rape Culture” In Conjunction With Innocent Man’s Name, Adnan Ahmed Has Never Ever Been Involved With Such a Horrible Thing Let’s get one thing clear straight away. Adnan Ahmed has never been accused of rape, has never raped anyone, has never been […]

Groups Probing “Predatory” Articles By Sleaze Journalist “Jack Aitchison” Secretly Harassing Glasgow Women

Daily Record Journalist Jack Aitchison Writes Sexually Perverted Articles While Sexually Harassing Young Girls. Aitchison Also Falsely Reported About Addy AGame Posting Videos With Click bait Titles Let’s talk about low-life journalist Jack Aitchison. A slimy rat of a reporter who sinks lower than dog dirt to get a scoop to smear on the pages […]

Horrifying “Rape Culture” Councillor Elena Whitham vs Innocent Self-Help Life Coach Addy AGame

The media stated that “councillor Elena Whitham took to Twitter to reveal her take on Addy AGame’s videos. She said ‘this is horrifying. We cannot allow the narrative that this is acceptable, normal dating behaviour to continue, this is rape culture and misogyny personified.” Wow! Why do these councillors have so much time to be […]

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