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We represent Men’s rights.

Both men and women should have their rights respected. Gender equality works both ways. People are people.

In this modern era many innocent men are being demonized and punished unfairly, we want to help them and tell the honest truth. We do not represent criminals and monsters who are guilty of actual crimes against women.

Everyone deserves a fair chance and to exercise their human rights regardless of their gender.

Helping Men Charity

Evil Female Killer Ellie Wain Given Life Sentence For Stabbing Her 18 Year Old Boyfriend To Death

Evil female Ellie Wain was given a life sentence to serve a minimum of 17 years She convicted of murder after fatally stabbing her boyfriend in the street outside their home. Ellie Wain was armed with a knife following an argument with Kieran Brown. He was promptly driven to hospital by a relative but sadly […]

Lying Female Prison Officer LeAnn Bailey Blair Fired & Jailed After Admitting She Made False Accusations Of Sexual Assault Against Her Innocent Male Colleague

The Sedgwick County Sheriff said that a detention deputy applying for a new position within the agency has been fired and arrested on suspicion of criminal charges after she admitted to a background investigator that she’d lied about being sexually assaulted by a male coworker. The former deputy, LeAnn Bailey Blair Schlicher of Derby, was […]

Corrupt Police Scotland Insanely Based Rangers Football Club Debunked Fraud Case On A Sham BBC Scotland Panorama Documentary That Was A Lie

This is not the first time that the scumbags at BBC Scotland have targeted the great Rangers football club – they selectively edited a video of Rangers legend Ally Mccoist out of context, showing him smirking at former Celtic manager receiving death threats, something Mccoist did not do and the dirty dogs at the BBC […]

Cheating False Accuser Tracy Denise Roberson Jailed For 5 Years For Manslaughter Because She Made Fake Rape Claim Due To Being Caught Having Sex By Her Husband, Resulting In Him Murdering Her Lover

Tracy Denise Roberson was the wife of Darrell Roberson from Ivy Glen Drive in Arlington, Texas. Tracy Denise Roberson messaged her lover Devin LaSalle to invite him to come to her house. Her husband came home early from a card game after calling his house and one of his kids telling his his wife was […]

Lying False Accuser Robin Levitski Made Fake Kidnapping & Sexual Assault Claims To Police Against An Innocent Man She Met Online To Cover Up Her Shame Because Her Grandmother Found Explicit Pictures Of The Consensual Sexual Encounter On Her Phone

Lying False Accuser Robin Levitski, was an eighteen-year-old student at Clarke University, she falsely told police she had been abducted and sexually assaulted by a man she had met online and who she had dated. She was then driven to “a residence on Rhomberg Avenue. Levitski falsely said that she was led by John at […]

False Accuser Criminal Hannah Jane Stetler To Stand Trial For Attempting To Frame Innocent Teenage Boy For Rape

Hannah Jane Stetler turned a date with a innocent teenage boy into a failed rape saga exposed by none other than a fellow female, a state trooper who charged her with filing a false police report. State police in Milton were notified of a ChildLine referral that Hannah Jane Stetler alleged she was raped when […]

Scumbag False Accuser Sophie Pointon Jailed For Falsely Accusing Male Taxi Driver Of Sexual Assault Because He Refused To Accept Her Kebab-Soaked Cash

Scumbag false accuser Sophie Pointon was jailed after falsely claiming a taxi driver sexually assaulted her after he refused to accept a £10 note covered in kebab oil. Sophie Pointon, 22, told police officers she had been molested in the back of the cab she had been picked up in after a drunken night out. […]

False Accuser Fraud Rachel Erin Soderblom Jailed For Lying About Fake Rape To Cover Up Consensual Rendezvous At Motel

The police came to his home at 3 a.m. They arrested him in front of his young son. They told him the charge was first-degree criminal sexual conduct, an offence that could send him to prison for far longer than it would take his son to graduate from high school. Decades could pass. He opened […]

Evil Killer Woman Emma-Jayne Magson Jailed For A Minimum Of 17 Years For Murdering Her Boyfriend, Despite Vile Feminist Groups Attempt To Help Her Get Away With It Via A Retrial

An evil woman, Emma-Jayne Magson, who stabbed her partner through the chest during a drunken row has been jailed for a minimum of 17 years, after a jury rejected her claim she acted in self-defence and convicted her of murder a second time. Emma-Jayne Magson, 28, had faced a retrial at Birmingham crown court for […]

Fake Rape Culture Feminist Poison Seeps Through To British Schools And Leaves Innocent Young Boys Fearing For Their Lives Due To Violent Attacks And Online Abuse

Boys at private schools embroiled in alleged abuse scandals are having to change out of uniform to avoid street attacks and verbal abuse. Current male pupils also fear including their school name on CVs in case they are turned away by potential employers because of the negative associations. Others – aged as young as 13 […]

Drug Addict Yasmin Walker Jailed For Sick Revenge Porn Post On Instagram Because She Was Dumped By A Man After Sex

Vile woman Yasmin Walker, 30, uploaded a naked picture of a man’s penis after the man dumped her after some quick sex, York Crown Court heard. The picture – which showed the victim’s manhood and was accompanied by three laughing ‘emojis’ and a “sarcastic” comment about that part of his body – was seen by […]

False Accuser Karen Farmer Pleads Guilty To Making Fake Rape Claim After Security Cameras Reveal She Had Consensual Sex On A Train And Regretted It When The Innocent Man Left Afterwards

False accuser Karen Farmer who admitted falsely claiming she had been raped on a train was only given a community payback order. The corrupt sentencing judge and the dirty pigs at BBC Scotland still sided with the criminal woman simply because she is female! Karen Farmer, 35, falsely told police that a man had sexually […]

Rancid Reporter Rat Myles Bonnar Went On BBC 1Xtra (Black Music) Podcast To Justify Accusations That He Racially Targeted Innocent BAME Male Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed (Addy Agame Proven Innocent In High Court)

The BBC line up would be more suited to a Ku Klux Klan rally of white privileged white supremacist scumbags hating men that are a different ethnicity and that are masculine heterosexuals! Myles Bonnar is not qualified to discuss this as he is a spineless, blue-pill, fem-centric, conditioned simp. He desperately went onto black music […]

Warped Weirdo Woman Kellie Bartlett Pleads Guilty To False Rape Allegation Against Innocent Male Deputy And To Stalking Him After She Was Released On Bail For Initial False Accusation

Sentencing has been delayed for a warped weirdo woman who pleaded guilty to lying about being raped by an innocent Eaton County Sheriff’s Office male deputy. Vile Kellie Bartlett initially faced 16 charges, some of which were related to her clerk job at the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office. Bartlett pleaded guilty to false report of […]

Creepy False Accuser Freak Astria Berwick Jailed For 16 Months For Lying About Innocent Male Taxi Driver Sex Attack, Which Was Proven Not To Have Happened Via His Phone App

An innocent taxi driver was saved from a false sex attack charge by a mobile phone app which exposed his creepy accuser’s lies. Mohammed Asif was arrested after lying freak passenger Astria Berwick falsely told police he threatened her with a knife before indecently assaulting her. Berwick, 27, even slashed her own face in an […]

Groomer Beast That Runs ‘Glesga News’ YouTube Channel Exposed For Being A Scumbag Racist Creep Jealous Of Masculine Men He Perceives As Superior To Him (He Also Virtue Signals To Glasgow Girls In The Wicked Hope They Will Be Tricked Into Having Sex With Him)

Addy Agame Proven Innocent, Beats False Allegations Due To Miscarriage Of Justice / No Actual Crime! – Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame Wins Appeal To Overturn Wrongful Conviction / Sentence Due To Miscarriage Of Justice And No Actual Crime To Answer To – The beasty ‘Glesga News’ groomer YouTuber twat had the gall to […]

False Accuser Fraud Katherine Bennett Jailed For Fabricating Story About Being Kidnapped, Drugged & Raped After Police Evidence Proved She Lied

A Colorado woman who pieced together an elaborate story about being kidnapped and raped was sentenced after having been found guilty of lying to police. Weld County District Court Judge Timothy Kerns sentenced 21-year-old Katherine Bennett to 32 days in jail, 180 days of house arrest and 5 years of probation. Bennett was found guilty […]

Self-Confessed Narcissist Con-Artist “HG Tudor” ( Gives Further Bogus Analysis On Trash BBC Hit-Piece About Street Attraction & Addy Agame (Proven Innocent) In Legally Fraudulent Scam Article Titled ‘Narc Alert Pick-Up Artists’

That’s right folks butt-hurt scammer HG Tudor is at it again. The sad old fart re-posted his inaccurate article on Street Attraction and Addy Agame and changed the title from ‘The Game Is Always Being Played’ to ‘Narc Alert Pick-Up Artists’ because the butt-hurt baby discovered our article totally debunking his dumb claims. HG Retard […]

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