We represent Men’s rights.

Both men and women should have their rights respected. Gender equality works both ways. People are people.

In this modern era many innocent men are being demonized and punished unfairly, we want to help them and tell the honest truth. We do not represent criminals and monsters who are guilty of actual crimes against women.

Everyone deserves a fair chance and to exercise their human rights regardless of their gender.

Farcical Scottish Justice System Prosecute Glasgow Man For Driving With Sofas on His Car

A Glasgow man was caught by police driving along a city road with a sofa and armchair strapped to his roof. Police stopped the car and said the driver was given suitable advice “for the transport of couches in the future.” However the police did not leave the matter there. They further reported the man […]

Angus Howarth (The Scotsman Newspaper) Inaccuarently Reports on; “YouTube Removes Pick-Up Artist Videos After BBC Scotland Investigation”

The obvious problem with Scottish reporters and press is that they are trained to be deceitful and to sensationalise the truth by reporting inaccurate falsehoods that allow them to just about get away with telling lies because of how the misinformation is presented to simply imply something false as true. Que Angus Howarth, a ghost […]

Rangers Football Club Ban BBC Scotland For Using Slimy Media Tactics Farcical

Rangers fans have launched a petition calling on BBC Scotland to remove sports journalist; Chris McLaughlin from his role. Rangers football club told McLaughlin in 2018 that he was no longer welcome at Ibrox. The BBC then retaliated by announcing they would no longer be sending reporters to their matches or press conferences. This upset […]

Let The Games Begin: Lying Creep Alice Walker (Scottish Sun) Falsifies Truth About Addy AGame’s YouTube Account

It’s End-Game For Feminazi Moron Alice Walker, As She Is Exposed For Reporting Fake News About Street Attraction And Addy AGame Alice Walker is a sleazy creep hack journo that falsifies facts through her feminazi moronic perspective. The 40 something year old ticks all the boxed of a radical feminist nutter; no respect for men, […]

UK Political Correctness/ Feminists Cause For UK Child Abuse (Female Genital Mutation)

In the UK currently child abuse cases based on faith and beliefs have risen by a third in the last year. Increasing factors of child abuse are witchcraft and black magic. Councils have stated that they are handling around 38 cases per week for using witchcraft and black magic on children. Along with this the […]

Sleazy Creep Reporter Peter Davidson (Daily Record) Writes Trash Inaccurate Article; “YouTube Deletes Videos After BBC Investigation”

Spineless creep journo Peter Davidson has a slimy soft camp writing manner that reflects his poncy stick-man geek appearance. Sleazy Scots reporter Peter Davidson lacked the back-bone to make his wasted education count for anything and ended up writing for fake news rag, The Daily Record. Creepy sleaze Peter Davidson is a charmless bore, this […]

Feminists vs Feminazis – FEMEN Clash in Paris, France

FEMEN Gain The Right To Protest Topless In France FEMEN activists were recently acquitted of sexual exhibitionism charges in Lille for their topless protest last year. Three activists, wrote “pimps, clients, guilty” and “your turn to be fu**ed” on their bare chests. The activists lawyer stated “A political demonstration should not be confused with sexual […]

Amateur Hack Gillian Loney (Glasgow Live) Reports Misinformation About; “YouTube Removes Addy AGame Account”

An amateur reporter, Gillian Loney who writes for amateur creepy website, Glasgow Live – gets her facts twisted in true Glasgow Live Fashion. Moany Loney normally writes boring crap about bars, restaurants and doughnuts. When gruff Gillian “Lonely” Loney isn’t posting about her alcoholism and overeating dysfunctions, she writes copy cat articles from other slimy […]

UK Feminist and Husband Murder Their Two Teenage Sons

Couple Murder Their Teenage Sons Sarah Barrass and partner Brandon Machin, who is also her half brother murdered their two teenage sons and attempted to kill their remaining four children. The incestuous couple planned to kill their six children claiming they feared they would be taken into care. Both Sarah and Brandon were sentenced to […]

James Delaney (Evening Times) Inaccurately Reports Story Regarding “YouTube Deletes Further Videos Related To Pick-Up Artist Accounts”

A media assistant/ sports journalist James Delaney writes an inaccurate regurgitated story containing misinformation and amateur mistakes- which cloud the truth and reality of the situation. Leave the news to the real reporters James! James boasted; “BBC News’ investigation into global seduction industry was published and YouTube removed over a 100 videos for violating it’s […]

American Woman Kills British Teenage Male, Harry Dunn, And Is Given Diplomatic Immunity

UK Government Won’t Bring Female Who Killed Male; Harry Dunn, to Justice/ If It Was The Other Way Around There Would Be Outrage! The wife of a US diplomat in Britian, Anna Sacoolas, allegedly struck and killed 19 year old Harry Dunn, while driving on the wrong side of the road. Originally Anna Sacoolas was […]

Wacko’s At BBC News Report Inaccurate Misinformation (Yet Again) Regarding; “YouTube Terminates Addy AGame And Street Attraction Channels

The Idiots At The BBC Said; “YouTube Terminated The Channels Addy AGame And Street Attraction,” There Was No Channel Ever Called “Addy AGame” This Is The Level Of Amateur Journalism The BBC Display! BBC News boasted; “BBC News’ investigation into global seduction industry was published and YouTube removed over a 100 videos for violating it’s […]

Prison Staff Restrain Frail Prisoner; Allan Marshall And Kill Him (Saughton Prison)

Prison Guards At Saughton Prison Kill Allan Marshall Allan Marshall was dragged naked across a corridor in Saughton Prison by prison guards with a towel over his face. CCTV footage shows the final moments of the prisoner as well as prison guards laughing and smiling as the 30 year old is taken away by paramedics […]

BBC News Inaccurately Report Misinformation About “YouTube Deletes More Pick-Up Artist Videos”

The BBC is Supposed To Report Real News, Not Biased Propaganda Based Left- Wing Narratives That Support Their Prejudicial Agenda BBC News boasted; “BBC News’ investigation into global seduction industry was published and YouTube removed over a 100 videos for violating it’s rules on nudity and sexual conduct.” This so called investigation was a total […]

Louise Porton Jailed For Life For The Murder of Her Daughters

Louise Porton Killed Her Two Daughters Louise Porton killed three year old Lexi Draper and 17 month old Scarlett Vaughan. She denies killing both her daughters who died 18 days apart. The mother was found guilty of the murder and jailed for a minimum of 32 years in August 2019. It was found during the […]

Creep Predator Reporter Connor Gordon (Daily Star) Targets Innocent Man AGame Writing Story About Him “Facing Jail/Locked Up”

Seedy Daily Star Pervert Connor “Gobbler” Gordon Expresses His Sexual Fantasies About Underage Girls By Writing “Filmed Young Girls,” Connor Gordon Comes Across As If He Is Sexually Attracted To Children Stinking coward Connor Gordon (aka con-man Gordon aka Connor Goblin) is a desperate Scottish media scumbag hanging around Scottish courts begging for crumbs and […]

Gender Neutral Parenting Has Taken Gender Neutralism Too Far

Gender Neutral? When Will The Craziness End In today’s society new parents are now referring to the sex of their new baby as just “baby”, not a girl or boy. Parents are seriously considering bringing up their children as gender neutral. They stress this to raise their children without the life-limiting shackles of being assigned […]

So- Called Journalists At Creepy The Evening Times Lie About Adnan Addy AGame’s Wrongful Conviction (Not Guilty!), He Was Not Convicted of “Hounding” Anyone

The Liars At The Evening Times Twist The Truth About The Wrongful Conviction of Adnan Ahmed. The Evening Times Don’t Report News, They Report Childish Bias And Discrimination! One geeky spectacle coward predator The Evening Times reporter wrote; “pick-up artist posted footage of victims online has been convicted of threatening and abusive behaviour.” This dirty […]

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