Aug 22, 2019


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A Letter From Dwayne Lawal, A Rocket Scientist And Ex-Naval Officer, Who Has Been Falsely Accused Of Rape And Wrongfully Convicted Of It

Nigerian Dwayne Lawal Has Just Started A 4 Year Sentence In Scotland For Something He Did Not Do!


Dear Sir/ Madam

I write to you from the confines of a prison cell in HMP Barlinnie after waking up to still find myself in this nightmare. In addition to professing my unwavering innocence, I believe it is now part of my journey and responsibility to draw the attention of the public to the unusual circumstances facilitated by the police, to secure my conviction. Also this correspondence seeks to facilitate the following;

(i)                  Increase the awareness of false rape accusations in the current social climate

(ii)                Ensure the quality of law enforcement is at its highest level of objectivity and professionalism, despite political pressure

(iii)               Stop the propagation of wrong precedence’s and stereotypes (race, religion, gender)

(iv)               Ensure the integrity and support for true rape victims is not diminished by fraudulent people

(v)                 Ensure true rapists are thoroughly, and objectively investigated, in order to secure their conviction

(vi)               Reduce the incidents of perverting the cause of justice by both the police and accusers

(vii)             Stop the “investigate to convict and not to establish truth” culture currently in vogue

(viii)           Reduce the number of innocent people falsely convicted

(ix)               Deter people from making false claims for various reasons

(x)                 Identify and investigate the impacts of mental health responsible for these false allegations

We need you to be the voice of the voiceless. We need your help to make society a better place. We need you to save innocent lives even if they are few!

Dwayne Lawal

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