Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame Wins Appeal To Overturn Wrongful Conviction / Sentence Due To Miscarriage Of Justice And No Actual Crime To Answer To

Reasons For Appeal;

  • The trial judge caused a miscarriage of justice via his bias and discriminatory misconduct, especially when he elected to cross examine the accused at the end of the defence’s case
  • The judge erred in repelling the ‘no case (crime) to answer submissions‘ made under Scottish law for all the charges the accused was wrongfully convicted of, causing a miscarriage of justice
  • It was impossible for the accused to receive a fair trial based on the manner the police sought out complainers
  • It was impossible for the accused to receive a fair trial because the Scottish press influenced the jury / public negatively both before and during the trial, causing a miscarriage of justice
  • It was impossible for the accused to receive a fair trial because the social worker initially allocated and the trial judge were influenced by press propaganda during the trial causing a miscarriage of justice
  • The social workers report was prejudicial and relied on opinion from the press rather than impartiality from a professional standpoint
  • There was NO sexual element / aggravation / motivation – the accused was running a dating business for a monetary purpose not for sexual gratification
  • There was NO actual sexual offense committed and NO actual sexual convictions, hence notification requirements were the wrong outcome, causing a miscarriage of justice

Scotland is in an extremely regressive, backwards, violent and ugly era of criminal justice. Legal precedents and crazy laws are being made up on the spot without political clearance. How can a sheriff / judge justify wrongfully convicting a man of something that is not a crime by simply labelling it ‘breach of the peace’ or ‘threatening / abusive behaviour.’ Even so, none of the convictions were sexual offences, putting a person on the sex offenders register for 10 years despite that person not even being convicted of a sexual offence is a disgrace! Simply stating there may have been that motivation is a farcical miscarriage of justice and total lunacy – Sheriff Lindsay Wood was playing up to the press in order to be quoted so he could gain accolade and praise. He himself should face legal action for using a court of law in such a manner. Wood is a man who enabled the media’s prejudicial imperative by default in his legislative actions, judgement and ruling, reflexively and emotionally driven, without genuine judicial insight. Simply put the man is an incompetent imbecile.

The Scottish system is creating a whole new category of supposed ‘criminals,’ any straight male flirting with a female (over the legal consensual age) in a club / bar or coffee shop or mall can now be placed on the sex offenders register in Scotland; simply because he may have sexual intentions, not acted upon, simply and maybe ‘thought of’ is enough to be labelled a sex offender in Scotland. That would mean every person in Scotland is a sex offender, as all adults have had sexual thoughts at some point in their life. Therefor by Lindsay Wood’s own flawed logic, he himself would define himself as a sex offender if we apply Wood’s own reasoning to the matter as he displayed in the Adnan Ahmed miscarriage of justice court case.

We live in a hypocritical, dishonest, shaming, corrupt legal culture; yet are asked to obey the law – a law that can be changed in an instant depending on the judge’s mood / intentions to be quoted in the media for clout or him being pressured by outside influences. Lindsay Wood’s hands shook with nerves during the court proceedings due to the media presence at Ahmed’s show-trial. He made the rules up as he went along, using a case study from 2 days before Ahmed’s trial concluded to put him on the register despite his case being totally different, then Sheriff Wood went on a ‘politically correct’ idiotic rant to gain accolade via being quoted in the press. All this after he broke legal court protocol and cross-examined Ahmed like a prosecutor would, Ahmed’s legal team objected but the moron judge wouldn’t listen, he had his agenda set. How can anyone get a fair trial when at every turn and every legal position is filled with corruption. Granted that Glasgow Sheriff Court is a kangaroo-court, but it’s sceptical that any justice will be done in Scotland when the First Minister herself is a radical feminist and legal trends are following activism trends on social media. It’s a complete circus!

Sheriff Wood’s colleagues have described him as a media hungry attention-seeker, some are appalled by his behaviour during Ahmed’s trial, others are in total disbelief at his need for the limelight via his ignorant speech at the end of proceedings to appease the press. However, his own words and totally unprofessional misconduct led to Adnan Ahmed’s appeal being strengthened. Charges were being dropped because there was ‘no crime to answer to’ until the corrupt Sheriff was influenced by the play by play press coverage of the trial. Wood’s biased misconduct influenced the jury further, again causing a miscarriage of justice. Lindsay Wood’s stupid actions led to breaking a judge’s objective legal position and his moronic speech also made reference to issues that were not allowed to be discussed in court. All this just for press accolades?! Corrupt Wood set a legal precedent by putting a man convicted of NO sexual offences on the sex offenders’ register! Sheriff Lindsay Wood is a maniac and should be fired for his misconduct; he doesn’t serve justice; he serves himself and his ego-driven want for accolades – using innocent people’s lives and reputations as stepping stones for his corrupt crusade.

The heathens in the Scottish media stated; “Sheriff Lindsay Wood determined whether he should be put on the sex offenders register for his conviction.” This is total insanity and a miscarriage of justice – if someone hasn’t committed any sexual offences at all, no register should be required. Ahmed’s wrongful conviction was “section 38 breach of the peace.” The unethical hacks continued; “Sheriff Woods said: I invite parties to make submissions on whether there was a significant sexual element.” There was no sexual element, it was chatting! A Sheriff should not be influenced by other cases or the media, they have a duty to be impartial and to do the right thing by the law! The law should always overrule the media; however, it seems to be the opposite way around in Scotland. This insanity occurring means any man chatting up any woman in Scotland (whether it be during the day or in a nightclub) will be at risk of being put on the sex offenders register, even if no sexual offence has occurred!

Scottish culture is superficial, consumer orientated, radically feminist, alcohol /drugs infested and is devoid of meaning. Only a very small minority of people in Scotland see through this underlying culture of madness. Scotland is not much of a role model for free speech, free enterprise or for democracy. There is no democracy, they have toxic people in the media who influence the public without them even knowing it and psychologically sell messages to people in every subliminal way, that is the vermin who control votes and opinions.

The war on masculinity is a giant propaganda strategy to pretend that the past has no value, it’s a terrible step back for the culture in Scotland! Men are not the enemy; they too need to be empowered and not emasculated. We have a generation of little boys growing up confused and dysfunctional because of radical feminism – which is negative in essence (shaming, blaming, separatist, aggressive and fighting for superiority disguised as ‘equality’). In terms of overall culture, it has slid further down, it will eventually sink, destroying countless male and female lives in the process before it will begin climbing back up. Things being constituted now like the construction of new prisons, like the war on masculinity, legislation just being passed on the spot; will impact negatively for years to come.  Scottish culture is in its infancy, yet it is thought by the media and the radicals that it’s the be-all and end-all of how to handle everything. It’s terribly infantile in those ways. The mistreatment of people with a different opinion or narrative is disgusting and discriminatory. Scotland doesn’t have balance, it’s all one-way traffic – that’s not freedom, it’s suffocating.

Scumbag reporters stated; “Ahmed’s behaviour, according to a social worker, was entrenched and it is clear he has no respect for women.” We at Red Pill Rights can exclusively reveal that the social worker who wrote the report for the court stating this stupid claim was immediately removed from Ahmed’s case for unprofessional conduct (i.e. making up statements from opinion that were heavily media influenced and not based on fact!). The social worker was sacked from Ahmed’s case immediately because her inaccurate media bias “entrenched” views were not based on reality, plus her language and conduct during Ahmed’s social work reports breached professional protocol. Ahmed made an official complaint to the relevant social work complaints department and is planning civil legal action against this social worker.

As far as the claim made by mentally unstable reporters stating, “clear he has no respect for women,” are people not to be respected for their character and actions, rather than for just having a vagina as a default for respect. Not all women deserve respect. Respect is earned by people for their characteristics, not because of their gender! This social worker belongs to a group of insecure women who are mad at men because inwardly they are mad at themselves for letting themselves down. Her self-loathing and victim mentality is disguised as empowered justice and women’s rights; which is used to hurt any and every man who doesn’t follow the ideal that all women should be worshipped regardless of them being aggressive, mean, criminal or even fat. All human beings have the choice of who they want to be with and who they find attractive. Trying to brainwash men into accepting mean women or big women as a sexual preference, even if they don’t want to is actual forced oppression.

The thing that is appalling about this case is it was a total miscarriage of justice that made it into a court of law in the first place because of media hype, in a country where laws can be made up on the spot in a court of law to suit media pressure. Scotland is a second-rate version of England; it always has been and always will be. Scotland’s press, legislation, courts, judges, social workers, women’s rights groups, politicians, government, prisons, police force; even its sports leagues are a 2nd rate flimsy replica of England – it’s like kids playing make-believe; winging it to be like the bigger, cooler kids. No one else in the world was prosecuted for simply flirting with women to teach dating like Addy was. Instead people ridiculed the Scottish press and legal system for doing so!

Again no one faced any legal repercussions whatsoever. They faced no criminal investigation or periods in custody because England practise freedom of speech and saw the reality of the videos being for teaching and business purposes. The same goes for the United States. Scotland on the other hand shows it’s backwards and aggressive feminist culture by actually hosting a criminal trial for men talking to women with romantic intentions, simply asking to exchange phone numbers. It is the first time this type of case has been brought into Scottish courts, which has baffled legal experts and it only took place because of media sensationalism!

The modern consumer lifestyle which gets pitched to us day and night through social media, tv, radio, movies and newspapers / press is not real or very deep. It’s a world of smoke and mirrors, of wanting and getting, buying and selling, always needing more and never having enough – because that’s what makes consumerism work and keeps people mentally enslaved. After someone experiences a sobering reality or tragedy at the hands of the media their outlook can change instantly, they can see life on a deeper level than before. They tend to think about the bigger things and not care so much about the latest smartphone or their social media popularity or fashion trends / sales. Life on the blatantly superficial level is too plastic and boring for people who have experienced the darkness and corruption of this culture / system.

In this culture people are not alert and good humoured, generous and compassionate, honest, courageous and open-minded. The journey to truth and justice is not about these fake ‘woke’ human rights people abuse, it’s about removing the layers of hatred, fear and fury that keep us from our better nature. Whether one is religious or not, it can be agreed Jesus was a good person who was not guilty of the crimes he was murdered for – was that fair, just and right? It’s the same old cycle with our culture, today it’s just disguised better! An immature culture is going to make mistakes in every direction, hurting everyone. The Scottish criminal justice system has nothing to do with the truth, only with winning or losing. The responsibility and corruption of the Scottish media is disgusting – badgering and humiliating the accused during a trial in order to influence the outcome should be a crime and should be banned.

The Scottish legal system thoroughly crushes any sane notion of justice under the weight of legal loopholes and strategies; locking those accused up in a brutal regime conceived in anger for the purpose of punishment (and not rehabilitation) even if they are innocent and no actual crime that breaks written laws took place, as in Addy Agame’s case. There is no moral or practical benefit from this system – crime soars, violence increases, prisons overflow – instead of looking honestly at the core of the problem and gaping holes in the legal system, radical feminist politicians like Nicola Sturgeon and her cronies shamelessly exploit people’s fears and anger by more ‘tough on crime’ posturing for the media.  Things are not getting any better. The public are unconsciously making things worse because they stay lost in this commercialised , material, consumer, social media / media marketed cultural circus!

We have to question a criminal justice system , which is more criminal than just, and a corrections / prison system which not only fails to actively correct, but makes it almost impossible for correction to occur. Even though Addy was wrongfully convicted of minor offences (section 38, breach of the peace), he was sentenced excessively for something that is not even an actual crime in the first place, just because the Scottish media and a few prejudiced women’s groups pressured / influenced the judge to do so. He fought for justice and won his appeal in the high court and will now take civil legal action against everyone involved in this heinous corrupt miscarriage of justice.

In a hundred years; the accused and the accusers, the media and the lawyers / prosecutors, the judges and the juries will all be gone. The most relevant question will not be ‘what happened?’ But rather ‘what happened next?’  What did Addy do with his life after this despicable miscarriage of justice and blatant display of corruption? The answer will be, he fought for his truth and justice, never broke, stood tall and won in his response to the machine’s various systems of control! He won by fighting back despite our society moving backwards into infantile reactions to crime and justice issues and non-issues! The only thing that will create a better future is changing our attitudes as individuals because before systems can change, people must change!


EXCLUSIVE CORRESPONDENCE FROM ADNAN AHMED aka ADDY AGAME (Via mail, October 2019, after his wrongful conviction and sentence):

‘’I went on trial for nothing but a social media induced witch-hunt started by BBC Scotland. A biased, bogus verdict was the result. However, I refuse to break down as many would have. I declined to surrender my freedoms that are innate mine; my attitude, my beliefs, my choices. Whether they put me in prison or lied about me in the media – I maintained that I had choices, choices that can’t be taken away from me even though my physical freedom had been. I realised even more that I need to always ignore the ‘mad crowd ‘ and its inclinations.

Am I angry about what happened, of course I am, I’m furious? A bunch of nobodies tried to make a name for themselves through my demise. However, I survived as I always do, I refuse to be a victim and the nobodies faded back into the nothingness from which they crawled out of. Understanding that anger is not constructive, I refuse to rage, I won’t give the vultures my power or any power over me. But I will fight back for justice and clear my name. I am not a sex offender; I never have and never will commit a sexual offence. Even what they wrongfully convicted me of was not a sexual offence. It took a corrupt coward judge and a nationwide media smear campaign to manipulate the law against me. I vow to win m y appeal even if I have to go above the Scottish courts all the way to the European court of appeal.

I refuse to break or grovel or despair. My time in jail was easy. I got fitter, smarter, better. No one could lay a hand on me, unless they wanted a fight and they didn’t. Ask the inmates and staff, they’ll confirm it. All of this had a purpose. Every second of my energy was spent on my legal case. Every waking minute was spent reading and training physically. They haven’t ruined my life, they just put me somewhere I didn’t deserve to be and I did not intend to stay there. I had numerous voices outside protesting my innocence and telling the truth about my circumstances. They wouldn’t tell my side (the truth) in the news, so the red pill community created news formats! I learned and read and made the most of the short time I had on my hands. I became a better and improved man in prison. I know exactly who is in my corner. I got rid of the fence sitters, snakes and phonies.

I will fight this appeal over and over through as many avenues as possible (there are many). I have simply resumed my life. I have countless civil suits against many media outlets to recover damages. I’ll hit them where it hurts most – their pockets! Even in the darkest depths of jail I made the choice: they can’t harm me  – I might not have wanted this to happen, but only I will decide how this will affect me. No one else has that right. I decide what I will make of each and every situation. I decide whether I’ll resist, assent or reject. No one can force me to give up or to believe something that is untrue. No situation is absolutely hopeless or impossible to improve. My perception is the thing I’m in complete control of.

They can jail me, label me, deprive me of my possessions, but they’ll never control my thoughts, my beliefs, my reactions! Even in prison, deprived of nearly everything, some freedoms remain. Your mind remains your own, you have books, you have people in your corner on the outside and you have time to plan and win! Many great figures, from Nelson Mandela to Malcolm X, have come to understand this fundamental distinction. It’s how to turn prison into a workshop where you transform yourself and a schoolhouse where you can transform and empower others.

An unjust prison sentence can be not only salvaged but transformative and beneficial – therefore nothing experienced is without potential benefit. Perception makes this so. Just because some wacky journalists tell us something is awful or evil or negative, doesn’t mean we have to agree. Just because other people say that something is hopeless or crazy or broken to pieces, doesn’t mean it is. We decide what story to tell ourselves or whether we tell one at all.

There are always obstacles in life – fair and unfair, what matters most is not what they are but how we react to them and whether we keep our composure. Reaction determines success in overcoming and thriving because of them. Desperation, despair, fear, powerlessness are reactions that are functions of perception. Nothing can make me feel this way, I choose not to give in to those feelings. I have the self-confidence and power to perceive what others see as negative; as something to be approached rationally, clearly and most importantly as an opportunity – not as something to fear or bemoan. There are always people out there looking to get us. They want to intimidate and rattle us. Pressure us into a decision. They want us thinking and acting on their terms, not ours. I won’t let them do that to me. I always aim high; pressure and stress are leeches that obligingly come along for the ride. Things will happen that catch us off guard, threaten and scare us. Surprises (unpleasant ones, mostly) are almost guaranteed. The risk of being overwhelmed is always there.  In these situations, one must have grace, poise, tranquil courage and a cool head.

Ultimately, nerve is a matter of defiance and control. I refuse to acknowledge the lies told about me. I don’t agree to be intimidated. I resist to declare this a failure. It’s on me, I accept the challenge and will fight back.  I don’t have the luxury to be shaken up by this or replaying it in my head. I’m too busy fighting forward and too many people are counting on me. There is always a countermove, always an escape or a way through, so there is no reason to get worked up. The path is there for those willing to take it. I’m ready for it, collected, serious and unafraid. My nerves are steel, I shake off negativity as it happens and soldier on – staring straight ahead as though nothing has happened, I’m focused on victory!

The critics and naysayers that tried to belittle me will be put in their place. I have the drive to never give up and will cut this adversity down to size. I know this is radically different than how the media program us to act. We’re told to conform, stay in our box, do what everyone else does, fear and act fake. Well, they are wrong and that’s just not me. I can’t give up,  it’s just not in me to do so. I have faith in my ability to win, no matter the adversity I face, it’s a chance to test what I’m made of – to give it everything, despite the corruption or the odds of who I’m up against. I’ve got nothing to lose and it’s when my back is up against the wall that I am at my most creative. My haters bring out the best in me, they also; keep me alert, raise the stakes, motivate me to prove them wrong, harden me, help me appreciate true friends and provide me an example of the type of person I don’t want to become (like them).

This struggle has propelled my fighting spirit to a new level of functioning. The more I struggle, the more I grow. The people who disrespected me and connived against me, underestimate me. I won’t have to apologise when I make an example out of them. I have the perseverance and the flexibility to take the right actions in the best interests of my goals. I will act with deliberation, boldness and persistence. All I need is my voice and the strength of my ideas. Every moment I have is aimed at facing my enemies in court and taking back what they took from me. Money is secondary, true justice is worth more than any fortune I can bleed from them. They can’t match my determination; I see through bullies and stare down fear. I’m stronger than they are. I will be successful precisely because of what I’ve been through and how I chose to react to it.

I have channeled all my rage and pain into a fierceness and power that can neither be matched or resisted. I’m not looking for angels, I’m finding angles. I’ve settled for the long haul and will exhaust every option and possibility until I emerge victorious. I am immune to external stressors and limitations on the march towards my goals. My opponents will be disposed of effortlessly. My strength comes from my will, it doesn’t even allow me to give in to hopelessness. I can use this experience to help others, I see the corruption clearly and the politics philosophically. My inner fortress cannot be cracked; even though the fight for justice and compensation will be ugly, I will perform as smoothly as possible. I will draw from my personal turmoil in order to surmount it. I’m prepared to make the best out of the endure what will come in tough times.

Leadership requires determination and energy to endure what will come in tough times. This struggle has further taught me how to cope and lead better. It has strengthened my cause and motivated me in my efforts. It has given me an all-round ultimate strength; to endure, contextualise and derive meaning from my experience. It has given me a calmness, a gravity and compassion for others in similar circumstances (who I vow to help). My sense of what needs to be done to correct this is what sets me apart from those who just accept injustice. I’m above the bitterness and lies the press weighs the public down with. Whatever happens or has happened – I will never lose my cheerfulness and sense of humour. This personal pain is my advantage, it fuels my determination and motivation in the pursuit of victory. It gives me dignity and courage.

With the tabloid press and social media, there is a conceited delusion that they control all people. Those that are ignorant or less intelligent, yes. But with more and more people seeing through the sensationalist press and social media hype in general; the more support I gain. Certain things in life cut you open like a knife, the incomprehensible happens, at that moment – the world saw what was truly inside me – iron! When I expose these fake news charlatans, it will be revealed what’s inside of them under tension and pressure – nothing but hot air and bullshit! One needs only to look at recent history to see how random, viscous, phony and awful the press can be. And how many times they are sued and defeated because of this.

I will stand undisturbed while they wilt and give in to disorder. I’m confident, calm and ready for war regardless of the unpredictable conditions. I’m willing and able to continue, even during the unthinkable. I protect my inner fortress and it in turn protects me. Life is like an arena right now, so I am a gladiator – resilient and fearless. The more they push the tougher I get. I see no attraction in being caught in the monotonous rat race hypnosis of a soft modern snowflake life. It’s all fake armchair activist western fakery posing as politically correct equality; in reality it’s oppression and a new version of supremacy.

Uncertainty and pressure don’t intimidate me, they will happen and I will stand firm with an answer. My inner fortress is my armour plating, it doesn’t make me invincible but it makes me prepared for anything. I’m not wasting a second looking back at my expectations; I’m facing forward, with a smug grin and an unflinching stare. Each day (in prison) I check my bearings and inch closer to home – where I would face a whole host of problems on arrival. Iron hearted and tenacious, I relish the challenge. Not just in round one but in round two and in every round after – and then the fight after that and the fight after that, until the end. I have perseverance, patience and staying power. What’s required of me (by me) is not some short-sighted focus on a single issue, but simply a steady endurance that I will get to where I need to go, somehow, someway and nothing will stop me! I don’t control the barriers of the people who put them there, but I control myself – that is sufficient.

I’m not a martyr, nor do I wish to be. But my focus is on others like me; helping them and providing a good example. I want to use my experience to benefit others, to salvage good out of it. For my family, my woman and others I’m leading – or men who might later find themselves in a similar situation. This is a western cultural attack on masculinity and freedom, we’re in this together. I help myself by helping them, I become better because of this and draw a greater purpose from it. Camaraderie and aunty for this powerful movement of re-establishing masculinity can never be taken away if we unite, only relinquished. Whatever troubles I’ve been through are not some unique misfortune picked out especially for me, all straight men in the western world are going through it. My situation was just amplified by the media. We must unite as part of a larger whole to stop this madness that not only hurts men, but also hurts the women attached to them, as well as females who are victims of actual sex crimes!

My wrongful imprisonment and media demonisation schooled me in the art of managing my perceptions and impressions. I’m immune to insults and abuse. I see opportunity in the darkest of places. I assume responsibility for myself- teaching myself, compensating for injustice and pursuing my rightful calling for justice. I am now iron-spined and possess a great and powerful will. I realise life is a ‘trial’ that is not easy, but I am prepared to give it everything I have regardless – ready to fight, persevere and inspire others. I will overcome this obstacle and in turn thrive because of it!’’

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