Adnan Ahmed Always Advocated Consent And Was Totally Against Coercion And Rape Culture

Let’s get one thing clear straight away. Adnan Ahmed has never been accused of rape, he has never raped anyone, he has never been charged with rape, nor had he ever promoted or been associated with “rape culture.” This is a disgusting accusation by hypocritical Islamophobic journalists.

The Scottish Media stated, “Ahmed teaches how to bypass last minute resistance, when a woman does not consent to sex.” This is an absolute lie. The video the reporters refer to shows Ahmed saying, “we do not condone rape culture or forcing anyone sexually or otherwise.” Ahmed actually refers to “last minute resistance” as “making women comfortable and creating the right mood for adult relations because too many guys either don’t know what to do or are too thirsty to get laid and forget to have fun.”

We have a quote from Adnan Ahmed aka Addy AGame’s video about LMR on YouTube, Addy said “we do not condone rape, never force yourself on anyone, hold yourself in high regard and allow space for women to come onto you. If she leaves so be it, no means no, move onto someone who’s into you, don’t waste your time on time wasters.”

The hollow hounds also said, “a woman can be seen asleep next to a condom wrapper.” What’s wrong with using condoms, they may go around having endless casual sex with no protection spreading nasty diseases, but that doesn’t mean others should take part in the same filthy practices. Ahmed is an advocate of safe sex and making sure sex is consensual. The journalists wrote “sleeping woman next to a condom wrapper” to slander Ahmed. Guys- always remember to wrap it up, safe sex is not a bad thing, it’s stops the spread of S.T.I’s.

OK,  so Addy had consensual sex with these women, some of which is adventurous where a couple films each other, again consensual, then it is used for a dating businesses YouTube channel – with all parties involved permitting it to be shown! Also there is no actual pornographic video and all female participants identities are protected because their actual faces are not shown.

Adnan Ahmed even commented on the consented video content in a statement to the BBC Social in November 2018 which was ignored in order to make a video defaming him and not showing his actual views, here is a link to what Addy actually said to the press;

The Scottish Media blunders on quoting Addy AGame about his content “the sex audios have been approved in accordance with community guidelines of You Tube, the criteria it meets is educational and not graphic.” She then quotes You Tube saying, “In a statement You Tube said – You Tube has a clear policy that outlines what content is unacceptable to post, and we remove videos that violate this policy when they are flagged by our users.” What’s the point of this, both comments from Addy and YouTube back each other up. The media lies further, stating, “2 of Addy’s videos have been removed from the platform for violating their sex and nudity policies.” This is a total and utter bare-faced scandalous lie!

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