Adnan Ahmed Found Innocent And Acquitted Of A Total of 13 Charges

Adnan Ahmed was acquitted of 3 sexual assault charges and 10 threatening and abusive behaviour charges. Adnan maintained a plea of not guilty because he is innocent. He was found not guilty of 13 charges at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

Although he was wrongfully found guilty of 5 charges of threatening and abusive behaviour by a jury heavily, negatively influenced by the Scottish press. This jury found Adnan Ahmed guilty by majority verdict because of mainstream media pressure and online bullying campaign powered by the BBC. Adnan Ahmed maintains he is and always will be not guilty of any “crimes.” His appeal to overturn the wrongful conviction and miscarriage of justice is in progress, with the main notes of appeal being ”he didn’t receive a fair trial” and ”there was no crime to answer to in the first place.”

All the women in his family have shown him great support and stand by him completely! 


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