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Amateur Start-Up Company “ground.news” Compile Fake News Propaganda From Sleazy Scottish Media Promoting False Allegations Of Targeting Women (Via Polite Remarks) Against Addy Agame (Proven Innocent & Wrongful Conviction Was Overturned)

Basically ground.news is a lazy business idea by programming geek Harleen Kaur. The puppet CEO’s mission statement states; “giving different angles of how news is covered…to mimic the old newspaper model, versus Twitter.” Well Harleen you totally failed and contradicted yourself with fake news stories from left-wing Scottish Media fascists, spreading hate propaganda about dating coach Adnan Ahmed to sell their feminist agenda to the unsuspecting public. Instead of regurgitating fake news, how about you write something original by you – you plagiarising bum.

If scamming start-up Kaur wanted to give an objective “understanding of different points of view,” as she put it – she would have at least included our truthful articles about Addy Agame, as well as other right-wing / red pill opinions. However, sucker Harleen did not. Is it because her “ground.news” is a relatively new and shoddy amateur outfit? Or is it because aggressive feminism is most rampant in western nations (more than anywhere else in the world) and Harleen Kaur is doing what her fem-bot masters expect from her?! NASA are rolling in their graves with shame Harleen!

Clown CEO Harleen Kaur totally contradicts herself by making the following statement (and still citing bias Scottish media hate sources); “just because a news story was shared thousands of times doesn’t mean it is accurate or something you want to read…writers are introducing their own bias.”

In conclusion; avoid ground.news as a source of conclusive, objective news stories and do your own independent objective research, which doesn’t include sexist start-up companies run by a misandrist! Following are links to articles in response to the ones Kaur promoted, enjoy;

  1. Idiots At Glasgow Evening Times Write Laughable Bitter Article In Sep 2020 About Dating Coach Addy Agame “Walks Free” After His Wrongful Convictions Were Quashed By 3 Excellent Judges (Despite Ahmed Being Free 9 Months Prior To Appeal Decision); http://redpillrights.com/idiots-at-glasgow-evening-times-write-laughable-bitter-article-in-sep-2020-about-dating-coach-addy-agame-walks-free-after-his-wrongful-convictions-were-quashed-by-3-excellent-judges-despite-ahmed/
  2. Slimy Glasgow Evening Times Moron Hack James Mulholland Writes Idiotic Gas Lighting Article About Dating Coach “Walks Free” Despite Adnan Ahmed Being Free 9 Months Previously (Addy Agame Beats All Fake Charges); http://redpillrights.com/slimy-glasgow-evening-times-moron-hack-james-mulholland-writes-idiotic-gas-lighting-article-about-dating-coach-walks-free-despite-adnan-ahmed-being-free-9-months-previously-addy-agame-beats-all-f/
  3. Glasgow Evening Times Reported Lies In Order To Jeopardise Addy Agame As He Won Bid To Appeal Wrongful Conviction (Ahmed Won Regardless And All False Convictions Were Overturned); http://redpillrights.com/glasgow-evening-times-reported-lies-in-order-to-jeopardise-addy-agame-as-he-won-bid-to-appeal-wrongful-conviction-ahmed-won-regardless-and-all-false-convictions-were-overturned/
  4. Fake News Daily Record Lying Scots Journos Andy Shipley And Lucinda Cameron Make Up False Allegations Of “Targeting Women” (For Chats!) In Article Written After Addy Agame Cleared His Name, Had Conviction Quashed And Proved The Women Lied!; http://redpillrights.com/fake-news-daily-record-lying-scots-journos-andy-shipley-and-lucinda-cameron-make-up-false-allegations-of-targeting-women-for-chats-in-article-written-after-addy-agame-cleared-his-name-had-conv/
  5. Man-hating Hack Lucinda Cameron Writes Bogus Fake News Hit-Piece For Vile Prejudiced “The Scotsman” Newspaper About Dating Coach “Targeting Women” (To Chat-Up), Despite Wrongful Conviction Being Quashed After Emphatic Appeal Victory; http://redpillrights.com/man-hating-hack-lucinda-cameron-writes-bogus-fake-news-hit-piece-for-vile-prejudiced-the-scotsman-newspaper-about-dating-coach-targeting-women-to-chat-up-despite-wrongful-conviction-being-q/
  6. The Whining Hacks At Glasgow Live Write Childish Petty Butt-Hurt Article About Dating Coach Addy Agame Because He Exposed Them As Liars By Winning High Court Appeal With “Not Guilty” Verdict; http://redpillrights.com/the-whining-hacks-at-glasgow-live-write-childish-petty-butt-hurt-article-about-dating-coach-addy-agame-because-he-exposed-them-as-liars-by-winning-high-court-appeal-with-not-guilty-verdict/
  7. Sore Losers At STV News Write Bitter Article Defaming Dating Coach Addy Agame Because He Exposed Them As Liars By Having Wrongful Convictions Quashed; http://redpillrights.com/sore-losers-at-stv-news-write-bitter-article-defaming-dating-coach-addy-agame-because-he-exposed-them-as-liars-by-having-wrongful-convictions-quashed/
  8. Addy Agame Proven Innocent, Beats False Allegations Due To Miscarriage Of Justice / No Actual Crime! –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43CGp8ptitk
  9. Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame Wins Appeal To Overturn Wrongful Conviction / Sentence Due To Miscarriage Of Justice And No Actual Crime To Answer To – https://redpillrights.com/adnan-ahmed-aka-addy-agame-wins-appeal-to-overturn-wrongful-conviction-sentence-due-to-miscarriage-of-justice-and-no-actual-crime-to-answer-to/
  10. https://www.addyagame.com/

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