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Ashleigh Wilson, 18, Sent Explicit Picture Of A Lad To Parents

Double Standards For Revenge Porn/ Sex Crimes Between Men And Women- Ashleigh Wilson Story

A teenage girl sent a sex snap of a man she met online to his mum and dad in a £3000 blackmail bid. Ashleigh Wilson, 18 also shared the image with his girlfriend, pals and workmates after he ignored her escalating cash demands. Ayr Sheriff Court heard the paid shared sexual fantasies before he sent an explicit image. Soon after, Wilson asked for £100 claiming she faced eviction over rent debts, and when he blocked her she threatened to share the photo. The victim shut down his Facebook account and started a new one but she found it and continued to threaten him.

Prosecutor Lauren Campbell told the court, “he ignored this, but she messaged again stating to hand over £3000 or the image would be shared with friends and family. Feeling intimated he engaged in conversation trying to prevent her from doing so. However every time he replied, she messaged saying the image would be sent.” Wilson also hounded the man on Snapchat to demand £800 but he again ignored her. Ms Campbell added: “it soon became known to him that she had sent the image to a number of people.”

The court heard his parents, partner, friends and work colleagues were “alarmed” to get the intimate image and when Ashleigh Wilson was nicked she told the police “is it that boy from Ayr?” “I know what this is about.” After admitting the revenge porn bid between June 2018 and Feb 2019, her lawyer Stephen McGuire said last week: “to involve other people was inexcusable. She realises this could by worthy of custody.” But Sheriff Liam Murphy ordered Wilson, of Dumbarton to do 120 hours of unpaid work. He said “this caused significant impact on this man, those close to him and his employers.”

Had this been a man that had done this to a female, he would have been subject to his entire like being investigated, phones seized, ex’s questioned, and would have undoubtedly been both remanded in custody, and received at least a 4 year jail sentence, with his name placed on the sex offenders register. This example given to us by The Sun newspaper, goes so far as to show the clear gap in equality, the true and real differences the law has for men and women.

I noted the girl in the story wasn’t labelled, beast or predator, her mental state wasn’t brought into question, as it would have been had it been a man that committed these offences – I wonder if that has some thing to do with the fact that this story was written by a female: Abbi Garton!

Yet another inclination of gender favouritism in this, what would appear to be a feminazi state. A state that would appear to be gaining strength and speed, with only the expectations of things getting much worse.

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