Nov 22, 2019


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South Asian Family Homes Targeted By Gangs In Scotland And Police Do Nothing

Scottish South Asian Families Living In Fear


In the last 18 months many South Asian families across Scotland have been living in fear due to the countless burglaries and home invasions taking place in which organised gangs target South Asian gold.

A 71 year old women was held at knife point in her home leaving her injured after thugs raided her house looking for gold and cash.

Police Scotland stated that break-ins have occurred around Glasgow, Edinburgh, Clackmannan, Paisley, Renfrew and Ayrshire in the last 18 months. Gold and cash worth more than £500,000 was stolen.

Many families are now living in fear as Police Scotland have done very little in finding the gangs and bringing them to justice. Although Police Scotland stress there are doing everything they can, RPR has spoken to families affected by the robberies specifically and they have stressed that after the initial visits following the break-ins Police Scotland have not been back in touch. No follow ups have been made and families are now dealing with difficult insurance companies who specifically want proof of what was stolen. These people claim Police Scotland don’t care because they are ‘not white Scottish.’

South Asian gold is often given as part of wedding ceremonies and passed down through generations. It is often kept in the family home. The gold is difficult to specifically price and often South Asian families don’t have proof of purchases.

It is very important that Police Scotland take this seriously as many individuals are living in fear and find it difficult to leave their house after such a tragic experience.

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