BBC List of 100 Most Influential Women Lacks Political Diversity

The BBC released a list in 2019 of the 100 most influential women in the world. The list included a climate change activist and trans woman Nisha Ayub who was in a male prison aged 21. Many on the list were driving change on behalf of women everywhere and provided a vision of what life could look like in 2030.

The BBC chose these 100 women out of 400 million in the world. It was their vision of what the world would look like if these women ran it. The BBC’s thoughts on an ideal society. Diversity in all its forms are celebrated with one exception. Political diversity!

It shows that all the “most influential” women are singing from the same progressive, liberal hymn sheet. They did not find one popular conservative figure to put on the list. This is because the BBC is pushing a narrative which does not include any liberal, conservative women. This is sexist and prejudicial on the BBC’s part, standard practice by the low-lives at the BBC!

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