BBC News Use Negative Bias Against Adnan Ahmed (Not Guilty!) – Woman Alleged Kim Kardashian Lookalike Line Was A TV Stunt

Adnan Ahmed Adamantly Maintains A Plea Of ‘Not Guilty’

The BBC News continued the coverage of the Adnan Ahmed trial before reporting selective negative witness testimonies and leaving out vital information in order to paint the accused who has not been convicted in a bad light, this makes it impossible for the defendant to get a fair trial!

We at Red Pill Rights vow to keep the anonymity of the accusers intact and will only report on factual testimonies given in court as well as details on where the BBC have left out facts. The court room is open to the public and to the media to hear all details for themselves.

The BBC start their article covering day two of Mr Ahmed’s trail at Glasgow Sheriff Court by stating; “a student has told jurors how she was asked to go for a drink by a man called Addy Agame who claimed she looked like Kim Kardashian.” This is not a crime under Scottish Law and these claims were made by the accuser. The BBC continued; “The 20 year old woman said she was contacted on Instagram after being approached by the man the previous day.” What the BBC failed to state is that the 20 year old woman also told jurors she also messaged the man on Instagram, they also failed to establish how the man and woman added each other on Instagram!

The BBC continued; “Adnan Ahmed denies 18 charges including sexual assault and behaving in a threatening and abusive manner.” This is true, Mr Ahmed is adamant he is not guilty of any of the charges. The BBC also said; “alleged to have occurred in Glasgow and Uddingston,”

This specific allegation was alleged to occur in Glasgow, the BBC incorrectly reported; “the court heard the woman was approached in Royal Exchange Square last November.” This is false, the witness told jurors she was approached on “Buchanan Street.” The BBC continued; “she told jurors, I thought it was a prank, he managed to get my name from my phone case, she felt uncomfortable and intimidated by the man, she was asked to go for a glass of wine, she pretended to have a boyfriend.” This is an allegation, it has not been proven in a court of law and does not constitute as a recognised crime under Scottish Law!

The BBC continued to report that the woman told the jury that the man messaged her on Instagram and she messaged him also, the BBC also stated; “the man went onto claim the woman was racist before she blocked him.” This is an allegation that has not been proven in a court of law. Jurors also heard that this account of messages were from only one source, the witness, they were not found on the accused’s phone or laptop. The BBC continued their selective bias reporting by stating; “she told jurors, I think he thought it was a challenge to go out with me.” The jurors also heard this supposedly happened in 2018 and was not reported until 2019. The BBC made a video defaming Ahmed in January 2019, triggering a cyber bullying campaign against him, leading to his remand.

The BBC then incorrectly reported; “another student told how a man followed her called Addy from a sandwich shop in 2017.” This is false, the woman told jurors she was going to a sandwich shop after college for lunch. The BBC also failed to report that jurors heard this witness was given the opportunity to identify Adnan Ahmed in an identity parade and failed to do so instead she picked out someone else who was not him. The BBC continued to quote the witness; “she said he made inappropriate comments, he claimed she had “Italian cheekbones” and “sexy legs.” This has not been proven in court and is not a recognised crime under Scottish Law!

The BBC continued; “the woman said, I just tried to get away from him, he was following me, I thought about saying something to someone but I was scared, I didn’t know what to do.” The BBC failed to mention that the woman told jurors that ; “we ate at the same table the staff asked if we were together, he went to the toilet in between, he talked to me, I talked to him to be polite.” The sandwich shop was revealed to jurors to be “Subway” on Nelson Mandela Square, which has CCTV, the incident has said to have took place during the day in 2017 and was not reported until 2019 after Ahmed’s media scandal. The BBC selectively reported; “the woman managed to escape to a nearby train station and sobbed before going home.” The woman did not use the word “escape” this is hearsay by the BBC. The BBC left out that this woman also told jurors; “outside subway, I took his phone, typed in my number and gave it back to him.” Why would BBC News leave out this vital information, this is not fair to the accused and suggests an agenda on their part! The woman also confirmed (in court) that there was an exchange of text messages between her and the man.

Note – Adnan Ahmed was found not guilty and acquitted of this charge due to the complainer being a lying perjurer.

The BBC also reported a third incident stating; “a 24 year old woman later told the court how a man called Addy had squeezed her thigh after she  was approached,” the BBC failed to report that this witness was given the opportunity to identify Mr Ahmed in an identity parade, she chose someone else, failing to identify Mr Ahmed! The BBC continued; “she said she gave him her number as it was the fastest way to end the conversation.” The BBC left out that the woman was also asked under cross examination; why she gave the man her correct number? The BBC continued further; “the jury heard he sent her a text asking for sex on New Years Day but she refused, the man then replied, it’s OK got someone else – Happy New Year.”  This allegation has not been proven in a court of law. The BBC failed to report the jury heard the text exchange contained bad language “shag?” from the man and “fucking” from the woman!

Note – Adnan Ahmed was found not guilty and acquitted of this charge due to the complainer being a lying perjurer.

The BBC are at it again, biased reporting in regards to allegations against a man during his trial on a daily basis, the BBC uses a writing style that implies events took place without saying so explicitly. This is a media tactic used to name and shame accused individuals before they have been convicted of any crimes. Despite Adnan Ahmed adamantly saying he is not guilty, the BBC news decide to release an online and a red button article using selective quotes from court witness testimonies that are negative in nature, leaving out anything to the contrary to imply the man’s innocence. This is a common trick used by the BBC in order to influence public/ jury perception which can result in a conviction even if the accused is innocent! Anonymity should be given to both the accused and the accusers until court proceedings are complete. The BBC however have a vested interest in having Ahmed convicted as they can be sued for defamation if he isn’t.

The trial continues before Sheriff Lindsay Woods.

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