Bigot Feminist & Failed Comedian Jane Godley Exposed & Blasted Online For Causing Outrage Because She Mocked Disabled People And Spewed Sectarian Hatred

Bigot feminist & failed comedian Janey Godley was exposed & blasted online for Twitter jokes using terms with language that mocks disabled people – including “spazzy”

Critics also pointed to past tweets from 60+ year old Godley where she made jokes using the word “mongo” and used “Chernobyl” repeatedly as an insult. She even called protestants ‘orange b*stards and said she wanted terrorist group the IRA to eliminate them.

Godley’s vulgar comments led to a Twitter hashtag #cancelJaneyGodley among people who say she is too divisive and offensive to be fronting a government campaign.

Foul Godley  is a keen supporter of Nicola Sturgeon, and became known for doing spoof voice-overs of the corrupt First Minister’s TV addresses during the pandemic.

Ms Godley’s past tweets raised eyebrows after being dug up by Twitter users.

In 2009, she described a Tesco worker as “spazzy mcghee”, saying: “had to ccancel the cards all over again, spazzy mcghee mctesco man last week forgot to cancel them after I called? who has staff like that?”

In 2011, she spewed: “I almost tweeted Hugh Mongo Grant and caused an uproar of typo proportions it is Mungo!”

She has repeatedly compared people she’s clashed with on Twitter to Chernobyl victims.

In January this year, she appeared to defend repeatedly using the term “Chernobyl” to insult people in Twitter spats, saying the conversations were with “accounts banned for violent threats”.

In one tweet, in 2017, Godley told a Twitter user: “Go f*** yer maw Chernobyl boy with weird overbite”

In a statement, feminist Godley said: “These historic tweets that people have quite rightly found offensive are deeply hurtful and shows my lack of empathy and zero self-awareness. Comedy is no excuse for shocking and hurting people with words.”

Moron Godley made similar comments about Addy Agame in the past and she was also proven wrong as he cleared his name. She is a failed comedian like racist child predator Brodan White who uses his crap excuse of satire as a guise to spread pathetic poisonous narratives. We would say she is the female version of rape apologist Brodan but Brodan White is way more of a pathetic b*tch!


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