Bill Johnston Given A False Criminal Record By Police Scotland

Bill Johnston, Ex-Army Officer Was Falsely Named A Violent Criminal


Bill Johnston, a former army officer was falsely given a criminal record by Police Scotland. Bill urged useless MSPs to overhaul Police Scotland’s complaints system. Johnston has spent several years trying to find out how his name and date of birth were added to police computers naming him as an alias to a violent criminal.

Bill Johnston believes his details were added after he complained about a botched investigation into a fire at his garage business in Glasgow. He stressed that MSPs should look into Police Scotland’s complaints process after stressing it is “unfit for purpose.”

Bill wrote to MSPs stating; “central to my ordeal is Police Scotland’s admission that I was assigned an extensive and serious criminal record by the police and my belief that this inaccurate and damaging record meant that my complaints were not investigated properly. I have no criminal convictions. Only due to sustained effort by myself, Police Scotland eventually admitted this happened in ”error.”

He continued; “I believe that it is almost certain that my details were added to a police computer system as an intelligence marker. It is my view that this was not an ‘error’ but a malicious and criminal act by a police officer. It is astonishing that I still await a proper explanation from the police about this as I came to be branded a criminal.” Police Scotland are corrupt!

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