Jul 23, 2021


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Body Positive False Accuser Abbie Will Caught Out Making Up Rape Lie After Security Cameras Showed Her Shopping For Junk Food At The Time Of The Fake Attack

Body positive false accuser Abbie Will falsely claimed she had been raped but was caught out after CCTV showed her shopping at a supermarket.

Abbie Will, 20, was exposed as a warped liar after cops checked the cameras of her local Morrisons in Aberdeen.

She had told cops a man hit her over the head before sexually assaulting her near a secondary school over Christmas 2016.

Will’s claims sparked a week-long probe but she finally admitting wasting police time when she appeared at Aberdeen Sheriff Court.

Will visited a police station and told officers she had been raped on a grassy area next to Peterhead Academy, two days earlier, the court heard.

Officers began their investigation by checking her whereabouts at the time and found security camera footage of her walking in the direction of the school.

They noticed she was wearing the same clothes on her return home – after her alleged assault – and that her outfit had not been handed in to check for her assaulter’s DNA.

In addition, fiscal depute Sally Macauley said officers reported that she appeared “normal and not dishevelled”.

Security cameras from the academy were checked to see if Will could be spotted in the area, but she was nowhere to be seen.

Police then turned their attention to other areas where she may have been, including her local Morrisons supermarket.

Ms Macauley revealed that the shop’s CCTV cameras provided the final piece of the puzzle.

She said: “The accused had entered there at around 6.29pm and left at 7.02pm.”

This meant that the man “would not have had the opportunity” to rape her as she had stated.

The officers concluded their investigation on December 30.

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