Boris Johnson Falsely Accused Of Sexual Assault By Slimy Liar Female Journalist

Boris Johnson Denies Claims That He Groped A Sunday Times Journalist

On his first day as prime minister Boris Johnson was falsely accused of sexual misbehaviour against a female journalist. Johnson has been falsely accused of touching Charlotte Edwards leg “high up” in the year 1999. Charlotte Edwards a slimy Sunday Times reporter claimed that at a private lunch in 1999, Boris groped her leg under a table, grabbing “enough inner flesh beneath his fingers” to make her “sit upright.”

The prime minister is furious at the claim and he has described it as “nonsense.” This allegation supposedly occurred 20 years ago. Charlotte has only recently changed jobs and began writing for The Sunday Times. This was her 1st article for the Sunday Times. We smell foul play on Charlotte’s part.

Johnson has called Charlotte a liar stating that this is a common #MeToo dirty tactic. She is part of the British mainstream media and wished to start a mainstream media scandal to make a name for herself. Currently there is no police complaint made against Johnson and no evidence of this occurrence.

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