Nov 22, 2020


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Brave And Honest Equalities Commissioner Jessica Butcher Exposes Modern Feminism And #MeToo For The Disgusting Farce They Are

One of the government’s newly appointed equality commissioners; Jessica Butcher, said that modern feminism disempowers women and stated the #MeToo movement is ruining men’s reputations.

Brave and honest Jessica Butcher, a successful digital entrepreneur, was last week appointed as one of four new commissioners at the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) by Liz Truss, the minister for women and equalities.

In 2018 Jessica Butcher rightly said: “Feminism, like other forms of identity politics, has become obsessed with female victimhood. Whereas it once used to be about the portrayal of women as mature, equal partners in society, it now seems more to be about girl power – and yet it disempowers, assumes that we’re weak and defenceless, like children.”

She also discussed the MeToo movement stating: “Men have had their careers and reputations ruined overnight by MeToo – some possibly justly, but without any due process, no innocence until proven guilty.” Butcher has also criticised a feminist “narrative of discrimination” for reducing women’s confidence in pursuing careers.

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