Dec 30, 2020


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Brilliant Men’s Rights Agency Founder Sue Price Exposed Women That Falsely Accuse Men Of Domestic Violence In Order To Cheat The Family Court System

Sue Price, the spokeswoman for a group called the Men’s Rights Agency, exposed the fact that cases in which women are lying to get AVOs against their former partners are growing. “You can’t tell me women don’t lie, of course they do,” she said.

“The majority of people who do tell lies are women. That’s been confirmed by surveys into the NSW judicial system and also the Queensland magistrate.” When requested to send evidence of these surveys, Ms Price emailed two men’s rights lobbying documents.

The first document claimed “Unfortunately, people are being encouraged to complain about the most minor of slights and even encouraged into making false allegations” and that “the domestic violence industry that promotes ‘women as victims of male patriarchy’ is playing a significant role in separating families”.

Ms Price also emailed documents that focus on the male victims of domestic violence – a common tactic of the movement, despite its insistence that it is the feminist-domestic-violence-complex that claims victimhood.

It takes immense bravery to speak the truth in the face of a unjust and insane western social climate!

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