Camp Crusader Hack Myles Bonnar vs Richard Hood From Street Attraction (BBC Disclosure/ Panorama Episode Bombs)

Myles Bonnar stated in the Panorama flop-umentary; “Richard Hood. Massey called him the king of LMR, Hood sounded more like a high-pressure salesman than someone genuinely interested in what women might want.” This again is opinionated rubbish from Bonnar. Massey introduced Richard as the “king of LMR,” to highlight his skills at role play and high level of charisma. It is documented on video that Richard knows what women want and they react to him accordingly, at times even pursuing him! Richard exudes the kind of calm equanimity that comes from the absence of irrational or extreme emotions. This is not the loss of feelings, just the loss of the harmful, unhelpful kind, This is a skill Richard has cultivated – freedom from disturbance and perturbation – to focus energy exclusively on solving problems rather than reacting to them. Bonnar is the complete opposite of this, he doesn’t get it, so labels Richard “high-pressure salesman.” This is evident at the end of sexual/social reject Myles flop-umentary, when Richard charms the cretin with open arms and warm smiles and Myles shuffles away like an awkward, sexually frustrated incel.

Reject Myles went onto misquote Hood out of context; “when you get to the apartment tell her to take off her shoes as soon as you walk through your front door – you start taking your shoes off, it’s basically the first part of the escalation. Some girls can be annoying. If they are in their shoes and jacket they’ll be like that’s enough for tonight…leave the rest for next time…that’s frustrating.” OK Myles, firstly – the man has high standards in hygiene and takes pride in his home. If you go to someone’s home and don’t want to take your shoes off, you leave – that’s their first opportunity to leave! Secondly in a seductive setting where both parties have agreed to be there, comfort is required. No one wants to get intimate with heavy coats and shoes on, the females wouldn’t be comfortable so of course they would want to “leave” (hence if they want to stay they would get comfortable). Thirdly Richard says it’s “frustrating” when sex doesn’t happen, meaning he doesn’t force anyone, if the female leaves she is free to do so. What’s the issue here Myles?! Again your article/ documentary does not offer an alternative, because you don’t have one, you friend-zone sexless loser!

Bonnar continued;” he told us men can be too preoccupied with consent: sometimes guys are a bit too shy or scared to keep pushing forward because they want so much consent…like a written permission slip, it’s okay that we go all the way. It’s nuance, you have to feel out the right moment and sometimes it’s your job to push things forward and lead.” Myles little tinker must have been pulsating while insinuating the horrible fake accusation of forced sex towards Richard. It was edited so out of context it’s ridiculous! We’ve seen Richard’s videos on LMR and can tell you the full context. Richard saying “so much consent” refers to killing the mood, in the context that you have consent (both parties are willing) and you don’t have to ask at every stroke during sex, a simple “no” from the female is enough. One “No” and everything stops, Richard is on record saying this! Ask a girl for a “written permission slip” Myles, see what happens, she can still change her mind. Richard said, “feel out the right moment,” referring to the moment of full consent! Then, only then, does he say to “push forward and lead,” Myles your accusations are disgusting.

Feminised Bonnar continued; “Richard Hood denied teaching men to pressurise women into sex and said all the women were recorded with their consent.” Richard is correct in what he said he taught, ask his clients Myles, they are the people taking the piss out of you online. Also prove otherwise Myles, Richard is to be taken at his word. And even if someone was filmed on public property without consent, it is not illegal – the media do so on a daily basis!

Wimp Myles continued to quote Hood; “he told me: we never film girls, ‘we’ve had actresses.’ So you’ve done nothing wrong? ‘Correct.’ And you don’t think you’re breaking the law? ‘Of course not.’ After I spoke to Richard Hood, Street Attraction deleted the video I asked about.” Myles you liar, no videos were deleted by Street Attraction, that’s a fact, your full of crap you little dwarf. And once again, nothing illegal took place you fool!

Reptilian Bonnar left out how Richard totally owned him and sent him reeling during the ambush. Richard had bright eyes, a warm smile and open arms whilst talking to the pouting drama-queen Myles. Richard said to Bonnar; “I haven’t given you consent to film this,” to which Myles stuttered and mumbled saying, “It’s not the uh, same thing.” Yes it is you fool, it’s actually worse. Street Attraction protected the identities of anyone they may have filmed, you on the other hand Myles lie and demonised them in order to advance your failed career. Hood then said to Bonnar; “I love the BBC, I love you Myles, give me a hug,” to which Myles walked away bitched out and beaten like a child having a tantrum, sensing he was being taunted, ridiculed and mocked. Myles took the piss out of himself via his sexually frustrated incel demeanour, Richard just played it cool and laughed at the little snitch!

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