Canadian Karen Describes Her “Lovely” Chance Meeting With Addy Agame In Uddingston

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My name is Karen. I moved to Scotland with my family in 2014 as I’m Scottish-Canadian and we have a base here. I met Addy Agame on a sunny day in 2016 in Uddingston when I was 18 as we were both walking to the train station. Anyone who travels by foot to the train station from the northern part of Uddingston takes the route. It’s a well-populated path-way connected to 2 main roads either side of it. The newspapers described it as a “secluded lane,” this is garbage and the two girls who made this claim are not being completely honest.

The Scottish media are crazy. They lied about Addy and the pathway in Uddingston. Addy started chatting to me around 11am as we were walking, we both happened to be heading to the train station to go to Glasgow city. There was nothing threatening or abusive about him, he was lovely. I’m used to this type of gutsy approach from guys, as Canadian and American boys do so. Scottish guys are timid and don’t, so when Addy did, it was great to see it in Scotland and Uddingston of all places. The reporter guys who talked trash about him wouldn’t have the balls to do it, they are pathetic and make me laugh in pity/ disgust at them – losers!

Addy and I hit it off straight away as I was listening to hip-hop which we were both big fans of. As I took my head phones out to speak to him, I had a feeling he was gonna hit on me and I welcomed it, he was an absolute gentleman and at the same time a real guy. It was honest and fun. We headed into the city on the train, then to Primark because I had to shop quickly, then to Weatherspoons for drinks. Afterwards we went for food and ended up back at his place. It was a fun experience that I enjoyed very much. We happened to be at the same college also and would see each other around.

The tabloids in Scotland are stupid. No one cares about this in Canada, it’s an everyday occurrence. I am astonished this resulted in a small conviction for Addy and it should be overturned, I hope he fights it and gets this result. The guy is innocent. Hitting on girls is not a crime. This is not #MeToo this is #NotMe #SueTheNews



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