CBB – Roxanne Pallett Falsely Accuses Ryan Thomas Of Being A “Woman Beater”

Celebrity Big Brother: Liar Roxanne Pallett Accuses Ryan Thomas of “Woman Beating”

The incident involving Ryan Thomas and Roxanne Pallett, which saw him falsely accused of being a ‘woman beater’, has proven to be one of the most talked-about moments on Celebrity Big Brother, ever.

In fact, the incident is the second most complained about to Ofcom in Big Brother history, falling just behind the race row of 2007 between Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty.

Roxanne and Ryan’s incident all kicked off when Roxanne called Ryan to the kitchen during CBB and, as he greeted her, he appeared to playfully spar with her. Roxanne was later seen heading into the bedroom and asking Big Brother to call her to the Diary Room, which they did. In the Diary Room, Roxanne tells Big Brother that she has been badly hurt by Ryan and is upset that he punched her ‘like a boxer would punch a bag’. She tells Big Brother he needs to be reprimanded.

Big Brother later gives Ryan a formal warning for his behaviour which he accepts, but insists both he and Roxanne knew there was no ‘malice intended’.

After dancing, drinking and singing during a party Big Brother had arranged for the housemates, Roxanne later went back to the Diary Room to complain that she could not sleep knowing Ryan was in the same bedroom as her and that she couldn’t believe Big Brother was letting Ryan stay in the house. Big Brother offered Roxanne the opportunity to sleep on her own in a spare bedroom, which she eventually accepted after worrying that it may have resulted in her housemates putting her up for eviction.

The next day, Roxanne told Ben Jardine how Ryan had punched her to deliberately hurt her and this soon began spreading around the house, with Ryan forced to defend himself. However, Big Brother eventually told Dan that if they had any concerns, Ryan would have been removed from the CBB house, leaving housemates to realise that Roxanne must have been exaggerating a minor incident. The incident saw a flurry of Roxanne’s former colleagues coming forward with their own tales of being accused of wrongdoings by Roxanne.

Former chief crown prosecutor Nazir Afzal also accused her of setting back work done by domestic violence charities with her fake claims. She has since publicly apologised twice – once on Jeremy Vine and once in a pre-recorded CBB exit interview with Emma Willis.

Furthermore, one week on from her public apologies, she was defended by TV personnel such as Piers Morgan and Janet Street Porter, who feared the public outcry was turning into a ‘witch hunt’. In his exit interview, Ryan declared he would forgive Roxanne if she wanted his forgiveness to enable them both to move on.

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