Nov 04, 2020


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Chef Taku Sekine Commits Suicide After False Sexual Assault Allegations

The family of Japanese chef; Taku Sekine who was a rising star in France said he killed himself after he was the target of false sexual assault allegations. Taku Sekine – a protégé of French super chef Alain Ducasse –  took his own life after spiralling into depression.

His family said that Sekine, 39, “got caught in a violent spiral of depression” after he became the target of “false and malicious gossip” on social media.

A brutal campaign of destruction was waged against him, the family said in a statement, adding that it was an attempt to tarnish his standing among his peers who were warned about “working with him.”

The family said no official complaint had been made against the chef and he was not being investigated by the police.

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