Apr 26, 2021


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Child Killer Woman Alison Yisel Sanchez Valdez Charged With Murdering Her Own Newborn Baby Boy

An Arizona child killer woman was arrested for murdering her newborn baby boy.

Alison Yisel Sanchez Valdez, 23, is accused of killing her baby boy after he was born in October 2019, and hiding his corpse in a bathroom.

Police were tipped off to the case after Sanchez Valdez, who was 21 at the time, was hospitalised after being found by family members bleeding in her bathroom at a home in Phoenix.

Sanchez Valdez told doctors she had not been pregnant, but hospital staffers reached out to the police to investigate.

Cops later found the boy’s body wrapped in a towel inside the bathroom.

During an 18-month investigation, it was determined Sanchez Valdez’s baby was born alive, then she allegedly killed him.

Sanchez Valdez is charged with murder and child abuse.

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