Child Molester Feminist Teacher Pervert, Monica Young, Jailed For 4 Years & 9 Months For Sexually Abusing A 14 Year Old Boy

Child molester feminist teacher pervert, Monica Young was jailed for sexually abusing a 14 year old boy, yet her cuck / simp ex-boyfriend said he still supports her despite her saying he was abusive as an excuse in order to justify her abusing the boy. Other excuses the pervy empowered woman used was that she always dreamed of becoming a teacher despite years of classroom bullying, sexual abuse in the playground and struggling with her grades. Nice try!

And yet, within three months of landing her role at an all-boys school in Sydney’s southwest, she started to groom and sexually abuse a ‘vulnerable’ 14-year-old boy.

The 24-year-old was sentenced in the District Court on after pleading guilty to three counts of aggravated sexual intercourse with a minor.

Throughout the proceedings, the court heard details of numerous feminist / #metoo buzzwords, female victim narrative and virtue-signalling in order to get the child abuser off the hook – thankfully it didn’t work as it usually does in countless shady cases. There was little sympathy for the convicted child abuser as she was led to her cell on  to begin her four year and nine month sentence.

Young groomed him online and eventually raped him – on and off campus – on several occasions.

He was too young to give consent and has since told the court the offending ruined his life.

The boy was forced to drop out of school after his peers found out, and his relationship with his brother, parents and extended family has been strained by the proceedings.

The court previously heard that Young was not particularly bright, exemplified by her Higher School Certificate ATAR score of just 44.

That mark is just 14 points shy of a ‘mystery mark’ – a black dot which is generally issued to students who score 30 or below.

Most teaching degrees in Australia have a minimum ATAR acceptance ranking of about 65, but schools have been known to accept lower scores in recent years. This is what happens when our schools are over run by feminist libtard woke staff!

Seedy feminist Young initiated contact with the boy on Snapchat, sending him a message which asked him to ‘send pics’ in exchange for provocative photos of herself.

She would also FaceTime the year nine student as she performed sex acts on herself.

On one occasion, she messaged him asking him to hug her at school the next day, and when he didn’t, she sent a follow up accusing him of ‘not having the balls’.

The dare became a frequent tactic Young used to convince the boy to lure the boy into sexual liaisons.

On another occasion, she sent a message which read: ‘It’s dangerous if we get caught, but if you do it it’ll be worth it’.

The duo exchanged messages about the sex acts they wanted to perform on each other, with Young initiated the ‘sexting’ on several occasions.

The most brazen of her offending occurred inside the school’s classrooms, once where she messaged her victim to meet him in an English room to perform a sex act on him, and a second time where she groped the boy at the back of the classroom while the rest of the year nine class watched Disney movie, WALL-E.

During the movie, a friend of the boy even sat on the other side of him as the sex act took place.

The victim was also encouraged to lie about his whereabouts, telling his mother on one occasion he stayed back late at school to get help on an assignment, and even skipped afternoon classes because of Young.

On the last day of school, Young performed oral sex on the 14-year-old.

The Covid pandemic closed the schools and Young, along with all of her students, was forced online.

It was during this time that the line between student and teacher was ‘criminally blurred’.

She raped him on occasions between June 24 and July 6 2020, including at least twice on the school’s grounds and once in her car at a local park.

The boy said he ‘feels like a failure who let his entire family down’ and has only recently realised the extent of the abuse.

‘He says the offender has ruined his dreams… ruined his school and his relationship with his family and friends and trust in others and ruined his life,’ Judge Traill said.

The court heard the boy constantly hears his parents bicker and blame each other for not noticing the abuse sooner.

His brother ‘hates him for embarrassing him in front of his friends at school’ and the victim says he can no longer go on family holidays due to a strained relationship with extended family.

The victim never returned to the school he once loved because all of his peers were aware of the court case, and he is now enrolled at TAFE, despite once having aspirations of becoming a physiotherapist.

‘He struggles to smile about anything anymore,’ the court heard.

Judge Kate Traill described her offending as a ‘violation of trust’ before delivering her sentence. ‘[You] exploited his vulnerability and manipulated him,’ Judge Traill said.

Young was ultimately sentenced to four years and nine months’ custody, but with time served she will be eligible for parole in a little more than two years.

She will never be employed as a teacher again, and Judge Traill acknowledged she would need to be reintegrated into the community and her life post-sentence.

The scumbag mainstream media still painted her child sex abuse as a ‘relationship’ and not rape. The femstream media even listed all her pathetic excuses for molesting a child in order to paint her as the victim – seems like these journalists are child abuse apologists and potential ccild abusers themselves!

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