Oct 06, 2019


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Chloe From Lenzie Discuses Her Rendezvous With Addy Agame

Surnames Have Been Withheld To Protect Identity Of Contributors From Online Trolls And Cyber-Bullies

I’m Chloe, I’m 21 from Lenzie. I was reluctant at first to write this testimonial when first contacted, but after seeing the result of the court case against Addy, I’ve decided to come forward to show support for him. Honestly, convicting a guy for talking to girls is daft, get a grip people! It’s a total set-up. My brief experience with Addy was nothing like what was shown in that BBC Social video in January or the crap that was in the newspapers.

I met Addy on Buchanan Street when I was 18. I was going for a job interview and as I was crossing the street at St.Vincent street, our gaze met and he complimented me on how smart I looked. We walked together for maybe 5 minutes and talked casually until we parted ways in different directions, as I had an interview to attend. I gave him my number because he was bold, cheeky and funny. I like when guys are confident enough to talk to me. I’m an attractive girl and most men are either too intimidated or too wimpy to chat to me. Or if I’m on a night out, they get too drunk to muster up the courage to interact with me.

I went on a date with Addy the week after and we had a good time. We ended up going to a couple of bars I hadn’t been to before. I wasn’t followed, or filmed, or intimidated, or abused, or threatened, or assaulted. He is an experienced guy and knew how to handle me properly – most guys don’t have a clue.

We only met up once, as I was in the beginning of situation with someone else and Addy was open and not clingy. I did see him on social media with a lot of different girls which did make me think he was a bit of a player, but that’s not illegal, it’s his choice. I wasn’t aware of his You Tube channel but we only went on one date so it wasn’t like we exchanged life stories. It just seems like some macho guy thing and doesn’t bother me. #freeaddyagame


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