Jul 21, 2020


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Comedian Louis C.K. Unfairly Demonised By MeToo Terrorists, Comes Back Stronger

Louis C.K. returned to comedy this year after 3 years away from the limelight following sexual misconduct allegations.

During his comedy show he talked about the New York Times story that made him a social and cultural pariah when it was published in November 2017. He did so by mocking himself. He did so without blame. He did so without apology.

Since Louis C.K. announced that the stories women told the New York Times were true, that he did occasionally ask women — friends, fellow comedians, potential mentees — if he could masturbate in front of them, it was seemingly all that came to mind when anyone thought about him.

That legend fell apart in the wake of the Times story. A movie he made was shelved. The network on which his critically-acclaimed television series aired cancelled its deal with him. He stopped performing.

By 2018, he was making unscheduled drop-ins at New York comedy clubs. Then scheduled performances. He announced his tour in late 2019.  There were no protesters outside the theatre. Just a line of patrons waiting to surrender their cell phones in a locked pouch for the duration of the show.

When Louis C.K. took the stage, in his trademark outfit of a black T-shirt and jeans, most in attendance stood and applauded. When he finished the crowd gave him another standing ovation. Not for taking the stage, but for returning to preform.

Read the full story here; https://eu.azcentral.com/story/entertainment/arts/2020/02/23/louis-c-k-returns-arizona-stage-after-his-metoo-scandal/4841784002/

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