May 08, 2021


by: dexter


Tags: Angela Chong Ryan, false accuser, feminist, metoo


Categories: legal

Compulsive Liar Angela Chong Ryan Arrested For Making Up Fake Rape Story

In a failed attempt to ruin an innocent man’s life, Angela Chong Ryan (aka April Chong Ryan) lied to the cops and falsely reported that she was sexually assaulted and raped in her apartment on Center West Parkway. She falsely alleged the incident occurred two days earlier.

The feminist police threw in resources on investigating the fake crime and began supporting the fake “victim”. However in a follow-up interview with police she was confronted with facts that rebuffed her rape claim, Angela Ryan confessed that she had not been raped and that she knowingly made a false report.

27-year-old Angela Chong Ryan was arrested and charged with making a false report of a crime. She was booked into the Richmond County Jail and released shortly afterward.

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