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Connor “Goblin” Gordon And The Shameful Daily Mail Lie About Wrongfully Convicted Addy AGame (Not Guilty); He Was Not Found Guilty Of “Targeting” Anyone!

Scumbag Hack Connor Gordon and The Disgusting Liars At The “Daily Mail” Spread Fake News Propaganda About Wrongfully Convicted Innocent Man – Adnan Ahmed!

The tabloid press in Scotland is an absolute shambles. There is no impartial neutral news, what there is instead is bias hate fuelled discriminatory trash published by the lies of constantly slammed newspaper The Daily Mail. The Daily Mail have been sued and made to apologise so many times (for spreading lies and fake news) it’s a wonder that they have any money left at all!

Prince Harry is suing the vile weirdo’s at The Daily Mail for hacking his phone and stealing his voice messages, as is Meghan (his wife) for selectively printing a private letter to her father in order for The Mail to sell papers. Prince Harry filed against The Daily Mail in the high court of justice for “illegal interception of voicemail messages 4 days after his wife Meghan Markle filed a claim against them for “intrusive and unlawful publication of a private letter.”

The dirty Daily Mail is untrustworthy and bogus. They also recently had to grovel and apologise as well as make a “substantial” donation in a “libel” settlement to a property tycoon because the liars at the Daily Mail wrongly claimed he had bought affordable homes at a discount price in an unethical way, calling the innocent man insulting names in the process. The low-life scum at The Daily Mail are doing the same thing with wrongfully convicted dating coach Adnan Ahmed; spreading lies, fake news and acting in an unlawful/ illegal manner in order to destroy his reputation just to sell units by pushing sensationalised propaganda and falsehoods about him!

The toilet paper news rag; The Daily Mail team up with guilty creepo Connor Gordon aka con-man goblin to make up fake charges of “hounding girls.” Typical tabloid trash. Ahmed faced no charges of “hounding” anyone, he was wrongfully convicted of section 38 breach of the peace. He will appeal and sue the hounds at The Daily Mail for hounding him with their lies and filth! You are an idiot Connor. Addy AGame has been remanded for the past 9 months awaiting court, he’s already locked up, he’s been wrongfully remanded since January 2019 you half-wit.

Adnan Ahmed has always maintained he is not a pick-up artist, he has always said he is a dating/ life coach. It is a sad state of affairs when people are unable to talk to each other face to face, confining society further into dating apps and social media. In this era it is more normal to troll pictures and profiles online, messaging desperately and projecting a false persona to lure others in; whereas starting a random conversation with someone you find attractive face to face during the day is considered not only abnormal, but also criminal. There is more danger involved in meeting someone online than there is in meeting them in person. Plus face to face dating is a much more human and much less time consuming process, that is if police Scotland don’t arrest you first.

Passive-aggressive runt Connor Gordon continued; “a Scots pick-up artist approached young and vulnerable girls,” Connor you sexist, labelling women “vulnerable” because of their gender is chauvinistic, “vulnerable” how con-man? “Vulnerable” to having a conversation in broad day-light with hundreds/ thousands of people and CCTV around. And “young” how, all women were adults above the legal age of consensual sex in the UK!

Lying fool Connor Gordon continued “Ahmed, approached 5 girls between 2016 and 2018 in Glasgow and Uddingston.” This may seem like news to Connor as it is 5 more girls than Connor has ever talked to in his whole geeky sad journo life. Well, maybe Connor likes boys, if so, that’s his choice. Cowardly Connor Gordon chuntered on; “using the name Addy AGame, Ahmed posted the videos on YouTube of him approaching females to teach others about how to pick-up women.” Notice the use of language dumb-ass Connor Gordon uses to imply “the videos” were of the “5 girls,” this is blatant lies, one of the 5 girls were ever filmed or appeared on You Tube, another reason to sue for defamation Connor you dirty little turd!

Man-child Connor Gordon blabbered on; “Ahmed was found guilty at court for acting in a threatening and abusive manner that could cause a  reasonable person fear or alarm.” In reality Ahmed was wrongfully convicted by a bias jury who were influenced by an online social media campaign and horrible selective press reporting during every turn of his trial (by The Daily Mail and the Scottish Media scum). Even though it was clearly stated in court; “this is not a crime; being confident is not a crime, having a conversation is not a crime, witness is unreliable, asking someone out is not a crime, if you have any inclination of reasonable doubt – he’s innocent, peoples perspective was skewed by how Ahmed was portrayed in a online/ media hate campaign.” Ahmed was actually wrongfully convicted of section 38 breach of the peace which is equivalent to raising one’s voice too loud outdoors, madness! Here’s how the jury process works in Scotland, there is no screening for racist, feminist, prejudice or psychiatric deficiencies (unlike the USA). 15 members of the public are selected at random and simply told, “don’t go on social media or media” without any enforcement or checks conducted during the trial. Ahmed’s jury was made up of 9 females and 6 males (some of which were programmed by the media to hate his, some pudgy beta males and some angry overweight feminists), the wrongful non-majority “guilty” verdict will be appealed and overturned in the next few months as no crime was actually committed! Ahmed maintains his innocence, 13 charges were dropped before the bias jury got a chance to deliberate on them. Adnan Ahmed did no receive a fair trial and is not guilty of any criminal conduct!

The jury and accusers are asked to take an “oath to God” to ensure an unbiased/testimony, without individuals even being screened to see if they even believe in God (in an age of rampant atheist beliefs). It’s a ridiculous board-game style set-up, this is not justice, it’s a farce!

It is the aim of the clowns in the Scottish press to dehumanise Adnan Ahmed, objectify him, troll him and discredit his reputation to write scandalised, sensationalised lies as news stories. They did not write about his girlfriend and his mother being present to support him during the trial, as well as various male and female well-wishers and supporters dropping in and out during the proceedings. They did not report whole testimonials, only select words to demonise Ahmed further. The press even reported incidents Ahmed was found “not guilty” of after the trial finished. This is further grounds for him to sue for defamation!

Weak mousy Connor Gordon then spat; “Ahmed a dating and lifestyle coach, what he did was educational. However, women he had approached told his trial they had been upset and intimidated.” Addy gave a statement at the trial also telling the court; “no one involved (the women) thought anything untoward was going on until their perception was changed by how I was portrayed in the online and media smear campaign in January 2019 (referring to BBC Social’s cyber-hate video). All of a sudden a few warped people said I spoke to them like it was not just a quick chat. I could have asked someone the time and they would have reported it as being uncomfortable or intimidating.” Many legal experts also agreed and re-iterated this throughout the trial.

Clown hack journo Connor “Goblin” Gordon lied on; “who filmed himself, filmed a woman sleeping after he spent the night with her, and another clip recorded during sex.” This is absolute sensationalised rubbish, written in a way to imply untruths and manipulate readers. Ahmed did not “film himself” approaching anyone! There was no “clip recorded during sex” ever! No one was “filmed sleeping” ever! This vile perv reporter Connor Gordon should be sacked for telling disgusting sexually charged lies!

The Daily Mail wrote more lies by stating; “the clips were exposed on social media this year and prompted a police investigation,” total rubbish! BBC The Social hounded Glasgow dating coach for months, he reacted out to them and responded with a detailed explanation of his business model and background to his client base as well as the scientific reasoning behind this method of face to face daytime speed dating, which was in large ignored. Instead they used choice sentences to turn up the controversy in order to create a story and demonise an innocent man. The police didn’t act because of online videos, they were aware of them for years, they crumbled because of media pressure because Police Scotland is a Micky Mouse force of hick villagers.

Scummy toerag Connor Gordon continued; “the court heard Ahmed approached 2 schoolgirls in a secluded lane in Uddingston in 2016. They were aged 16 and 17 at the time.” The “schoolgirls” are above the legal age of consent in the UK, 17 and 16. The alleged conversations are said by the two witnesses to have took place around 10am approximately, school had already started. The witnesses stated, “they were in there last year (6th year) of high school in 2016,” to the court. This is several months before a college or university course would begin should students at the late stage of high school wish to continue further education.

Connor Gordon continued; “one witness, who was 17 at the time, said the man told her she looked pretty and asked her if she was married.” Again 17 is above legal age of consent in the UK and this allegation has not been proven. Additionally, to call someone pretty or ask their marital status, is not a criminal offence!

What Connor Gordon conveniently left out was that the witness also said, “it was around 10am, not the usual time people go to school and the lane is attached to two main roads on either side, along with two small open grass fields at either side.” The witness also said that, “this is the common route to the train station that most people coming from that direction would take.”

Connor quoted the witness as saying; “he asked me if I was at school and what I was doing at school.” Gordon left out the fact that before this quote the witness told the jury, “he introduced himself then I told him I was at school, he made general conversation, we spoke for under three minutes and parted ways.” This is vital information! Connor Gordon quoted the witness alleging, “he was asking if I had a boyfriend and I said no.” This is not a crime.

The Daily Mail continued; “she said – he asked me if I was married, as I was wearing a ring, I said no and walked away.” However no “friends” or “teachers” came to court to confirm this. In the woman’s police statement, she said she saw Mr Ahmed several times after the 2016 incident in the same area, but they never spoke again! The 2016 incident was reported to police in January 2019 after the BBC made a video defaming Ahmed’s dating business.

In regards to the second witness Connor left out that the incident is said by the witness to have taken place again around 10am after school had already began an hour previously, in the same lane attached to two main roads that is the main route to the train station which commuters take. Both these witnesses admit to being linked and both stated that they are good friends. What Connor Gordon again conveniently left out was that the witness told the court; “the school is right next to the train station and that the pair parted ways in under 3 minutes in different directions towards their separate destinations!” Mr Ahmed’s defence team have lodged an eye witness in his defence which would like to confirm there was no “intimidation” involved.

Creepy Connor also conveniently left out the testimony Adnan Ahmed gave to the court himself, Addy gave a real honest account of events stating; “it was around 10am, we were both walking on the main route to the train station, it is not a secluded lane, it’s a open main route to the train, I was walking in front of her, waved and signalled for her to take her headphones out, then said – hey you look pretty enough to go for coffee with, that is if your boyfriends cool with it. She smiled and said, I don’t have a boyfriend. I then said I’m catching a train to the city centre. I thought she was doing the same as she wasn’t wearing a school uniform and it was outside school hours, I assumed she was 19 or 20. She then said – I’m going to school; which shocked me, I immediately asked how old are you? She said 17, I then said hope you’re enjoying school and shook her hand to say bye, her ring struck my hand when we shook, I said – you hit me with your wedding ring as a parting joke, I did not ask her about her being married! The conversation lasted under a minute, I did not ask her for her number or to go for a coffee. I say her many times around that area for 3 years and we never spoke again, she also confirmed this to the police.”

Click the following link to read about a testimonial by a female who dated Addy, who met him in the same area around the same time – http://redpillrights.com/?p=1086&preview=true

Regarding the second incident, Addy told the court; “it was around the same time and place, again 10 am, on my way to the city, no school uniform, soon as she said she was 16 I left, this girl confirmed to the court I didn’t ask for a number, she confirmed I didn’t ask her out, it was less than a minute of chat. She also said in court she saw me many times after that in the area and we never spoke again. These incidents are said to have happened in 2019 and no one came forward then. only in 2019 after how I was portrayed in the social media hate campaign (referring to BBC Social hate video against him) there was a sudden change in perspective by these girls to say, passing comments were a crime that caused them discomfort. I could have asked someone for the time after January 2019 and they would report it. They both know each other well and colluded on social media. They are not being truthful! There was nothing sinister or rehearsed or pre-planned as is being suggested, it was spontaneous and quick.”

Hate-mongering liar Connor Gordon spewed more bile by stating; “lawyer, Donna Armstrong defending said; he didn’t want to cause fear or alarm.” What camp Connor left out is Ahmed’s brilliant advocate Donna Armstrong also said of these incidents; “the witnesses admit the path to the train station can be walked in under 60 seconds. In out civilised society these girls are considered adults not children, you’ve seen my client talk to girls on video, it is consensual and the women involved gave positive responses, this is evidence of how his interactions are. This is the main route to the train station in Uddingston, not a secluded lane, it has fields of grass either side and the school happens to be right next to the train station. All sides have said it was during the day outside school hours. For talking sake, even if both these ladies had went on a date with him, this would be perfectly legal, this is not a crime, I implore you to find him not guilty!”

Corny lair Connor Gordon selectively falsified more stating; “a 21-year old female broke down in court when she said Ahmed followed her through Glasgow city centre in 2016. She was 18 at the time.” Connor Gordon labelled what appeared to be seconds of tears as “sobbing,” the woman then talked as normal in front of the jury. The woman was also asked why it took her 3 years to report it (in 2019) she told the court she didn’t feel there was a crime. The woman also told the court she had anxiety and mental health issues. She also said “I looked a lot better 3 years ago, I was thinner, I didn’t have tattoos on my face,” the court heard.

Connor Gordon blatantly lied by saying she was “followed through Glasgow city centre,” no one said this but the slime bag hack journo rodent! This is inaccurate as the woman told the court it was over an hour later, she actually said after the initial approach in Buchanan Galleries she went shopping in various stores, called her grandmother for 45 minutes and headed to Argos in Stockwell street in Glasgow a further 35 minutes later approximately. Connor Gordon then biasedly stated; “he tried to pull me close to him so he could kiss me, so I pushed him away.” Connor left out that it was pointed out to jurors that this recollection of events contradicted her police statement, in which she did not say she was “pulled close to him.”  The witness responded by saying the police lied. The witness told the court “the police did not make physical contact with the man.”

The court heard,  in her police statement the man “touched her face and tried to kiss her,” when the woman was cross examined about this contradiction in court she said she didn’t say so at first as she didn’t want to interrupt the questioning (despite being asked numerous times) then claimed “the pull and face touch” took place. When the contradictory police statement and court statement was pointed out to the woman in front of the jurors, she sat down from a standing position in the witness box!

The Daily Mail left out that the woman also thought she was messaged by the man on social media, she told jurors this happened despite her giving a fake name to the man which was not linked to any of her social media accounts as she said she did not tell him any details of mutual friends. She also told the court the man wrote his details on a receipt during the initial meeting, but was still able to contact her despite not having any of her contact details and not even knowing her name! Connor Gordon continued; “she walked away from him and stood with strangers to be somewhere safe.” Connor failed to report that these alleged witnesses were not presented in court and that when the woman was asked if anyone saw this she said no despite people being around her.

Adnan Ahmed’s excellent lawyer Donna Armstrong described this witness to the court as “she is unreliable, on record she changed her story 3 times, you can’t trust the testimony she has given.” Ahmed also took the stand to testify regarding this “unreliable” witness, Ahmed stated; “she’s lying, we met briefly on Buchanan Street, then 2 hours later on Stockwell street. I was with my friend David, he’s an eye witness. I did not try to kiss her, she gave me her number and Snapchat. She changed her story over and over. In court she said I touched her back and not face, in her police statement she said I touched her face with no mention of touching her back. In court she said she didn’t push me physically, in her police statement she said she did.” The “unreliable” woman also said she came forward in 2019 because of the BBC Social video.”

This “unreliable” woman also gave a 3rd story that did not mention any “touching of face” or “touching of back” or “pulling” or “pulling” to the BBC in January 2019, (after the BBC Social hate video dropped) which was not included in the court proceedings (only a bias unfair jury would find a man guilty of breach of the peace for such an obvious lie). Following are links to articles that prove these numerous contradictions;



The Sheriff stated; “consider a non-custodial sentence appropriate but I have to continue the remand period because of you previous record.” Ahmed’s solicitor did point out, “5 breach of the peace charges do not warrant anymore time in custody than my client has already done on remand, this is legal protocol!” Gremlin Connor Gordon continued to mis-quote the trial judge.

Stinking coward Connor Gordon (aka con-man Gordon aka Connor Goblin) is a desperate Scottish media scumbag hanging around Scottish courts begging for crumbs and reporting lies. Weirdo sleazebag creep Connor Gordon is a disgusting lying rat with a sick warped mind that writes perverted sexualised fake news, earning minimum wage for his crap articles. Pervert Connor Gordon is a awkward bum reporter, that scrounges around court rooms in Glasgow like a slimy stalker looking for scraps to turn into trash tabloid falsehoods.

Clown snake Connor Gordon is supposed to be a sports writer instead he slinks his toxic presence around trial proceedings and writes selective lies to poison the minds of the public. Camp Connor Gordon can be seen to walk on his tip-toes like a clumsy ballerina. He has the demeanour of a mentally ill man-child confused about his sexuality. Predator Connor Gordon looks like gay singer Sam Smith and the Churchill dog had a love child with a hint of down syndrome. His flabby cheeks and wretched dress sense amplify the bitchy vultures already super-creepy look. Beast Connor Gordon may claim to be a sports writer, but all his past work is along the lines of made-up sex scandals and boring sensationalised rubbish. Maybe he claims to be a sports writer because it gives Connor an excuse to watch sweaty men run around in shorts for his gratification.

Dirt-bag Connor Gordon is scum epitomised and cannot be taken seriously as a reporter. He is a disgusting manipulative journalist that should be banned from the press and is liable for being sued for his lazy fake news articles. If Connor Gordon has written lies about you, speak to him in person about it (he creepily hides and trolls others on social media without a trace of showing himself) by attending Glasgow courts and asking the staff to point him out.

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