Jul 07, 2020


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Corrupt BBC Bosses Deny Slimey Leftist Election Bias

The BBC director- general, Lord Hall, has rejected all claims of bias during the election coverage in 2019, insisting the corporation has the public’s trust. Lord Hall said provoking the ire of both the Conservative and Labour parties proved that the BBC is impartial. He stated; “Around 27 million people in the UK came to the BBC website to find out about the election results. It was a reminder of the trust people place in the BBC.”

However, in a two-week period during the election campaign, the BBC received a record of 24,435 complaints. It was mainly criticised for broadcasting a monologue by Andrew Neil where he savaged Boris Johnson’s refusal to give him an interview.

Read the full story here; https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/12/23/monday-morning-news-briefing-bbc-director-general-rejects-bias/

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