Dec 22, 2020


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Corrupt Feminist Judge Stephanie Cleary Causes Mistrial By Imposing Her Misandrist Views On Defendant And Showing Bias Towards Female Accuser

A sexual assault conviction has been overturned by the Court of Appeal of Alberta after feminist judge Stephanie Cleary “entered the fray” and acted like the accuser’s advocate, interrupting and deflecting questions to the female complainant to such an extent it created an unfair trial.

During cross-examination, the misandrist trial judge, Stephanie Cleary, interjected almost 50 times, despite the questions covering just 30 pages in a trial transcript of 325 pages, the appeal court said.

“The trial judge entered the fray unfortunately and appeared to be acting to undermine the defence with the resulting appearance of an unfair trial,” says the appeal court ruling. The net impact “made it impossible for the defence to test the complainant’s evidence.”

“A review of the transcript… reveals a significant number of situations in which the trial judge prevented defence counsel from asking certain questions without having first received an objection to them from Crown counsel, or rephrasing them so that her version of the question is answered, not that of the defence.”

A new trial was ordered but was not held and a peace bond resolved the charge. The gender bias in criminal court is just as bad as civil and family courts now, the odds are stacked heavily against men in all western justice systems!

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