Apr 02, 2021


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Creepy False Accuser Freak Astria Berwick Jailed For 16 Months For Lying About Innocent Male Taxi Driver Sex Attack, Which Was Proven Not To Have Happened Via His Phone App

An innocent taxi driver was saved from a false sex attack charge by a mobile phone app which exposed his creepy accuser’s lies. Mohammed Asif was arrested after lying freak passenger Astria Berwick falsely told police he threatened her with a knife before indecently assaulting her. Berwick, 27, even slashed her own face in an attempt to back up her false accusations. Mr Asif was stopped and arrested while driving back to his taxi company and forced to spend the day at a police station – while his parents and two young children were told of the claims.

The innocent man’s ordeal ended only when police listened to a recording on his phone of his taxi ride with liar Berwick. The recording, on an app downloaded to his Samsung Galaxy smartphone, revealed no attack took place. ‘She really has turned my life upside down and I truly wish I can go back to how I used to be, but life is hard at the moment,’ he said. He now feels ‘scared’ when picking up passengers and will ‘always pray that the passenger is never a female on her own’.

Mr Asif, from Carlton near Nottingham, made the voice recording because the CCTV in his cab was broken. Berwick, from Bingham in Nottinghamshire, was jailed for 16 months after admitting perverting the course of justice. Sentencing her at Nottingham crown court, judge Michael Stokes said: ‘Had he not recorded the conversation which demonstrated nothing untoward had occurred, he would probably still be in custody awaiting trial.’ Det Con Laura Clarke, from Nottinghamshire police, said: ‘Falsely reporting crimes like this does not just cause harm to the unsuspecting victim. True victims may be reluctant to report crimes.’

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