Criminal Justice Professional Adnan Ahmed Helps People Change Their Lives For The Better

Glasgow’s Adnan Ahmed Helps Drug Addicts, The Mentally Ill And The Homeless Get A Second Chance At Life, Allowing Them To Re-integrate Back Into Society.

We need more people in our community with a genuine interest in making our global society a better place, without having an agenda. Adnan Ahmed from Glasgow is such a person. Despite the Scottish media negatively portraying him and his dating business DWLF game via their sensationalised ambush journalism, Adnan Ahmed (known as Addy Agame in the dating industry) is a good man and a solid professional.

Adnan’s main job is a criminal justice practitioner. His role is mainly concerned with rehabilitating people who have been in prison, or have addiction/ mental health issues and those that are homeless. Adnan has helped thousands of people across Scotland especially over the last 5 years. His job involved him travelling across Scotland to help these groups re-integrate back into society.

Ahmed worked with Turning Point Scotland. Professional reports show that he introduced and accompanied numerous clients with alcohol and drug addiction issues to cocaine anonymous and narcotics anonymous, on an almost daily basis. Ahmed also helped people with mental health issues across services that allowed them to do a complete turnaround with their conditions and live productive lives. Adnan worked and provided after-care for these groups for a number of years.

Adnan Ahmed also helped countless homeless people to gain housing which cut down crime and victims of crimes in Scotland, and in turn, throughout the UK. He also worked closely with individuals who were looking at possible prison sentences but were given community orders instead and put in his care, to find employment and replace a destructive lifestyle with a positive recovery based life. No one that Adnan ever worked with has went onto re-offend. Instead they’ve become very essential and productive members of their communities.

The Scottish mainstream media didn’t mention any of Adnan’s positive work for Scottish society in their defamation of him because these news outlets followed a predetermined narrative against him, as part of their “MeToo” agenda, in order to sell units and gain popularity. Ahmed has a mother, a fiancé, a daughter – none of whom have ever complained of any mistreatment of women. All of his ex-partners are the same. However the Scottish media reported on him as if he was a lone wolf and a danger to all women.

Radical feminist MSP’s/ groups and online social justice warriors saw the media scandal demonising him as an opportunity to use the “MeToo” angle to gain significance and justify their causes, without looking at the facts about this innocent man. Their strategy of attacking, rumour spreading and gas lighting against him resulted in his remand in custody (since Jan 2019) awaiting a trial for the false accusations against him. At the same time all these groups gained free publicity by attaching themselves to the negative media attention his dating business received.

The actual result of all this is that the streets are less safe, people in need are not receiving the care and support he provided, an innocent man and his family are dealing with a wrongful remand; while the people who spread hatred and separatism gained popularity and fame. We need justice for Adnan Ahmed, he is an innocent man!

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