Dec 31, 2020


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Dating Coach Myron Gaines TikTok Account Deleted Due To Toxic Bullying Feminists, Because He Rightly Taught Men To Not Reward Bad Behaviour From Women In Viral Post

Myron Gaines, one half of the Fresh & Fit Podcast, shared a brief video on TikTok suggesting that men should have a strict policy for women who ask to reschedule dates. Gains stated in the clip; “when a girl tells you: ‘Hey, let’s raincheck or reschedule,’ you simply respond, ‘Hey, that’s cool, but I’m not really a fan of flaky girls. If we go out, you’re going to pay for drinks or dinner’ or whatever plans you guys had.”

He continued; “because the reality is this, with women, when they give you undesirable behaviour, you need to punish it immediately, so she knows it’s not acceptable. If you take her back and take her on a date after she did some BS like that, she’s gonna think it’s OK. Don’t reinforce bad behaviour with positive treatment.” This is 100% true and is great dating advice for men – the lousy feminist mob don’t like it as it interrupts their agenda and exposes western women and thot culture for the cringeworthy sham it is!

The video was originally uploaded to Fresh & Fit’s TikTok account but it has since been scrubbed from the app along with the brand’s profile as a whole. The account reportedly had 54,000 followers and received tens of thousands of views under each of its uploaded videos. Since the video’s upload, social media users who oppose Fresh & Fit’s stance have argued that the dating strategy in question is too harsh or promotes misogynistic rhetoric, which is garbage. These idiots even falsely accused Myron of being emotionally abusive (he’s not) and promoting rape culture (he didn’t) – he actually did the opposite, he said ‘replace her if she’s not down.’ Whatever happened to free speech and speaking the facts, does this not apply to masculine straight men?! And what happened to the #BLM SJW cause, Myron is a black man – do black lives only matter when black men are siding with liberal SJW BS?!

However, not all of Twitter was completely against the message shared in Fresh & Fit’s video, stating, ” ‘don’t reinforce bad behaviour with positive treatment is exactly what setting boundaries is,” one user tried to reason. “Unless you’re a doormat, humans ‘punish’ undesirable behaviour all the time (via ghosting, blocking, arguing etc).” Fair point! Gains responded stating; “We feel we didn’t say anything wrong however we do understand the backlash as some people took offense.” Myron was also on Richard Cooper’s end of year ‘Ground Zero’ YouTube show and correctly stated that cancel culture will be more prominent in 2021, especially when the plot to make Kamala Harris president happens. Myron also said that the whole red pill community may find themselves in a similar circumstances. He’s not wrong as can be seen in recent examples involving Kevin Samuels, Alpha Male Strategies, Addy Agame and Street Attraction.

To hear Myron’s take on the situation, watch his recent collaboration with Rollo Tomassi on YouTube.

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