Jan 23, 2021


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Demonic Feminist Mother Oreanna Myers Shot Her 5 Kids Dead, Burned Their House Down, Then Committed Suicide Because She Was Angry At Her Husband

Five children were found dead in a house fire after they were shot dead by their mother; Oreanna Myers, who then took her own life after drawing a red line on her face and writing a confession, in which she lamented she was not strong enough to defeat her ‘demons.’ Greenbrier County Sheriff Bruce Sloan revealed the harrowing details of the shootings and fire.

He said Oreanna Myers, 25, shot her three sons and two stepchildren from her husband’s previous marriage at their home near Williamsburg. Myers was upset that her husband had been staying with relatives during the work week for logistical reasons, instead of coming home to her.

The children’s bodies were found with shotgun wounds to the head inside the home, while Oreanna Myers was found outside near a picnic table, Sloan said. The shotgun used in the murders was discovered next to the mother.

Myers’ husband, Brian Bumgarner, stayed with relatives instead of at home during the work week due to transportation issues, Sloan said. Text messages between Myers and her husband showed that his absence during the week had been ‘a tremendous source of contention’ between them.

“You’ll have nothing to come back to but to corpse. No one cares why should I?” Myers texted her husband. “Money will come and go, once I go there’s no replacing me. I beg and cry for help but never get it. It’s my mental health that needs tending to–help me– I do not care anymore.”

Sloan said he was unaware of whether the woman was under treatment for any diagnosed mental illness at the time of the deaths. But in several notes she left before carrying out the murder-suicide and setting fire to her family home, Myers complained about the lack of treatment for mental illness, according to the sheriff.

This is a tragic loss, 5 innocent children died! Feminism has a negative effect on western women mentally, it is to blame for most mental health conditions in modern females.