Mar 30, 2021


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Deranged Liar Catherine Reddington Sued for $6Million After Falsely Accusing Innocent Man Of Rape, Resulting In His Expulsion From University & Him Being Fired From Internship – Despite Police Investigation Proving They Didn’t Even Have Sex!

An innocent male college student is suing a deranged lying woman for $6million because she made unsubstantiated false claims that he raped her after a drunken frat party that have ‘destroyed’ his life.

Catherine Reddington, 22, has falsely claimed repeatedly via social media that innocent man Alex Goldman raped her following a party at Syracuse University’s Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity in upstate New York.

The wicked liar informed police and the university of the fake rape accusations in the days after the party and took to social media several times to fabricate the made-up details of her fake assault.

Goldman, also 22, was expelled from Syracuse University after the claims surfaced and more recently was fired from his summer internship with an engineering firm when his false accuser informed them of the false allegations.

He was never arrested or charged over the incident.

Scumbag Catherine Reddington, falsely claimed repeatedly via social media that Alex Goldman raped her following a party in April last year at Syracuse University’s Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity in upstate New York.

‘During the early hours of April 23, 2017 I was raped and sodomized. I woke up in Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity in Alex Goldman’s bed confused, bloody, bruised, with ripped clothing and splinter,’ Reddington wrote on Facebook on June 4.  Alex Goldman is a rapist.’  All these claims are lies there was no blood, bruises or ripped clothes!

A police investigation into the allegations found no evidence that Reddington had been raped or even had a sexual encounter with Goldman that night. 

The investigation, which involved a medical exam and rape kit within 26 hours of the alleged incident, found Reddington had no internal cuts or abrasions in her vagina and that there was no traces of Goldman’s DNA. 

Both Reddington and Goldman said at the time that they had no memory of the night before.

Goldman filed a defamation lawsuit against vile false accuser Reddington claiming that his former classmate is waging a campaign to ‘destroy and wreak havoc’ on his life and get him expelled from his new school.

Wicked Reddington took to social media several times to post photos of Goldman, calling him a rapist, despite police evidence proving the didn’t even have sex!

Disgusting Reddington contacted Goldman’s employer, Bohler Engineering, over social media to inform them of the allegations. She then posted what appeared to be an exchange with Bohler in which they informed her that Goldman had been fired.

‘Reddington has made numerous posts on social media platforms Facebook and Linkedln falsely accusing Mr Goldman of sexual assault and stating that he is a ‘rapist’,’ the lawsuit states.

‘These posts by (Reddington) included a picture of Mr Goldman and ‘tagged’ Mr Goldman’s employer and the university where Mr Goldman attends college. These vicious accusations were knowingly false and intentionally made. These social media posts have been viewed and ‘liked’ by thousands of people.’

In her Facebook posts, Reddington has often tagged the New Jersey Institute of Technology – the school Goldman now attends.

She also left a review on NJIT’s Facebook page that reads: ‘A school that accepts recently expelled rapists, despite it being marked on their transcript…’

Goldman is now seeking $6million in damages from the defamation lawsuit claiming he has suffered emotional, mental and economic harm because of Reddington’s allegations.

He should press criminal charges against evil Reddington also and have her imprisoned for the flase allegations, harassment and stalking!

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