Dirty Swines at Mirror Online and Amber Hicks, Twist Truth About Dating Coach Addy AGame Ahmed’s”Dating Advice” Videos

Reporter Amber Hicks And Phone Hackers At Daily Mirror Lie About “Lone Women” Being “Followed” By Addy AGame. Their Creepy Article “Contained Content Of A Sexual Nature” Because They Deliberately Wanted To Do So.


The Daily Mirror/ Mirror Online are lairs, cheats and thief’s. Look at their history of dishonesty, The Daily and Sunday Mirror have subjected their victims to the low-down dirty tactics of phone hacking and had to grovel and apologise for it countless times. The Mirror have unfairly targeted celebrities such as Peter Andre, Cilla Black, Shane Ritchie, Shobna Golati (Coronation Street), Lucy Benjamin (EastEnders) along with a large number of England football players. And now dating coach Addy AGame.


The dirty Mirror swine’s listen to celebrities phone calls to write and sell stories. This is an unwarranted and unacceptable intrusion into people’s lives, but the media doesn’t care about that. All the above have took the rancid Mirror newspaper to court, sued them and won – quite rightly so! The newspaper hires weirdo reporters like Amber Hicks to do their dirty work. These journalists spew their vile dirt all over The Mirror without checking the reflection of their lying and scheming until they are sued for their scumbag tactics.

Annoying Amber Hicks targets her seedy obsessions towards the royal family, as is evident in her constant lazy social media reposts about the royals. It’s sad and strange and has a lot to do with her failed princess fantasies. Feminist haters don’t become royalty, they stay stuck in the dirt with the rest of the reptiles Amber.

Horrendous hack Hicks has never won any awards for her warped journalism, why would she, she’s rubbish and lies shamelessly. Angry Amber Hicks is a former sales assistant at “New Look” and now sells herself via the cheap classless rag The Mirror. Talk about a lack of ambition! Her fake tendencies were apparent early on while she attended Bournemouth University, just scraping through her clown course. Hicks couldn’t hack it in the competitive world of London and found herself banished to the bright lights of, umm, Glasgow, your parents must be proud Amber. You need to take your wobbly behind back down south and face your fears instead of settling for lying for tabloids in a city the size of a village and with the mind-set of a Nazi.

Horror Hicks starts her trash article by saying, “pick-up artist secretly filmed following lone women.” This is a load of rubbish, garbage reporting and totally misleading. The Mirror Online lives up to their tarnished reputation as a scamming shambolic publication. The approaches Addy AGame demonstrates are during the day on busy city centre streets, no one is “lone” and no women were ever in danger. He filmed examples protecting identities of all involved.

Creepy Amber Hicks labels Adnan Ahmed as a “so called pick-up artist.” Again misinformation, as Adnan Ahmed has said on many occasions, “I am not a pick-up artist, I’m a dating and life coach, we help people using scientific self-help not tricks, techniques, lines and tactics.”

Come on Amber, you sleazy hack nitwit, can’t you see the ladies faces are blurred out, protecting their identity. Furthermore you failed to mention it is a dating business, not a day out with friends. And what are they “unsuspecting” of? A fun conversation, ooohhh, the controversy. Additionally, the foolish journo failed to report that the majority of videos on Ahmed’s dating site are from cities around the world, not Glasgow!

Falsifier Amber continues her cheap slander later in the article in the same vein stating, “…The You Tuber follows female targets.” If you observe clearly there is no “following” or “targeting” of women. They either stop of speak to Addy or they walk with him, both of their own free will. This is another predictable gas lighting tactic by feminazi scum-bags, they use words like “targeting” instead of “approaching” and “following” instead of “meeting.”

Vulgar reporter Amber Hicks also states DWLF stands for “Dicks Will Last Forever,” This is complete untruth, DWLF stand for “Dreams Worth Living For” which is evident on the companies letterheads, channel and website. However perverted Hicks claimed it stood for “Dicks Will Last Forever” in her trash article. Amber you saucy sex-pest!

Hollow Hound Hicks also said, “a woman can be seen asleep next to a condom wrapper.” What’s wrong with using condoms Amber, you may go around having endless casual sex with no protection spreading nasty diseases, but that doesn’t mean others should take part in the same filthy practices. Ahmed is an advocate of safe sex and making sure sex is consensual. Amber Hicks wrote “sleeping woman next to a condom wrapper” to slander Ahmed. Amber – always remember to wrap it up, safe sex is not a bad thing, it’s stops the spread of S.T.I’s.

Amber calls Addy AGame’s video’s “dating advice and ‘relationship advice'” which is what they are. However, the angle of her terrible article is scandalous and prejudiced. Adnan Ahmed’s advice is the male equivalent of what women do in numerous magazines, except it is catered to men and their sexual desires. Hungry desperado Hicks stated Ahmed “has been labelled a predator,” By who Amber – you, your hack buddies and some sad weirdo online trolls. Addy is not a predator. He is an exemplary human being, a good father, he worked in the Criminal Justice field helping others and did daily community work (with NA, CA and AA) for free. He has a fiancé, a mother and all his ex-partners testify there has never ever been any “predatory” behaviour on his part, ever!

Amber Hicks stated that Addy AGame, “has come under fire after BBC The Social looked into his role as a dating and life coach.” BBC The Social hounded Glasgow dating coach for months, he reached out to them and responded with a detailed explanation of his business model and background to his client base as well as the scientific reasoning behind this method of face to face daytime speed dating, which was in large ignored. Instead they used choice sentences to turn up the controversy in order to create a story and demonise an innocent man. 

Amber spits more flem saying, “Addy’s site and YouTube channel promise men they will master their masculine qualities and offers 1 to 1 coaching and tips on how to interact with hot girls. It adds, learn how to approach, talk, text, date and have sex with beautiful women. Be the chooser not the chosen.” And your point is Amber?! This is a perfectly legitimate business idea, should he have promoted men master their femininity? Or that they aim for ugly women? Is that your point here Amber?!

Amber Hicks uses selective quotes by Adnan Ahmed aka Addy AGame, twist them out of context and also makes up what he said, “he later told the BBC that game is the art of attracting quality women, but that quality women were hard to come by in Scotland.” This is not Addy’s statement, however what Amber is doing is racist and Islamophobia, she’s claiming a brown man with an Arabic name doesn’t like all women in Scotland, majority of whom are white. Very clever Amber, but also very racist. Here is Addy’s actual statement from November 2018; “A quality woman depends on the guy’s individual taste. For me it’s a match between physical beauty and attractive personality traits such as kindness, femininity, manners and a positive perspective. Every man’s perception of a quality woman will be different, it’s up to them to learn and define this. This also applies to physical beauty; different guys prefer different things in looks and personality. Someone may like a particular kind of girl and finds what attracts me to a woman less attractive. I can’t force an opinion on anyone, it’s their preference.”

Addy continues; “There is virtually no ‘scene’ in Scotland. The closest you get to a scene in Scotland is people getting drunk and going out at night but that goes on anyway. Even I don’t game in Scotland anymore. No-one really does this in Scotland. I’ve had clients here and there but mostly I deal with clients in England, Eastern Europe and other places. Glasgow and Edinburgh don’t have enough of the type of women I’m attracted to, hence why I’m in Eastern Europe and Arab countries every couple of months. Plus any city with a population of less than a million people is not good for game. We have tried in Glasgow and Edinburgh but they’re too small and even though I have met some amazing girls in Scotland that are my type and I’ve had awesome experiences with, I can meet a higher volume of my type in other countries. Scotland is a beautiful country with some lovely people but I wouldn’t recommend it for game, unless someone really likes a particular type of female.”

Ugly Amber then goes onto list Ahmed’s shock value video titles “why a b**** c*ckblocked me last night” and “how to get girls to have threesomes with you.” Frumpy Hicks leaves the word “fat” out of the title, it should read “why a fat b**** c*ckblocked me last night.” Are you hiding some blubber there Amber, you just fat-shamed yourself by omitting a word. Hicks belongs to a group of women who want men to find overweight women attractive rather than taking responsibility for themselves, stopping junk food consumption and exercising regularly. There’s hope yet Amber, you can find a scarce few strange creeps with a chubby-chasing fetish.

Let us explain the concept of click bait video titles to you Amber; AGame’s videos did have click bait titles, this was to attract more clientele as daytime dating videos are filmed and uploaded on an almost daily basis all across the UK and this industry is very competitive, having shock value titles is a marketing strategy to trigger more interest from customers.

Hypocrite Hicks shows more falseness by virtue-signalling to appear to be doing social justice, stating; “uses crude language including saying – p**sy is the icing on the c*ck.” This is totally out of context, predictable reporter trick by Amber, anything to spice up and sell a story! Come on Hicks, it’s witty, it’s funny, you wish you had come up with it – don’t you! Amber acts as though a naughty joke or swearing is off limits, everybody jokes in this manner, except form aggressive weirdos and social outcasts like Amber Hicks. This is male locker room talk, Keith Lemon and Gordon Ramsey use language like this, show’s like Family Guy also – they are aired on national television. What makes it so wrong when Addy AGame does it; nothing!

Hag Hicks continues her onslaught; “he describes in one particular clip, how he overcome a lot of last minute resistance from a woman.” This is an absolute lie. The video Hicks refers to shows Ahmed saying, “we do not condone rape culture or forcing anyone sexually or otherwise.” Ahmed actually refers to “last minute resistance” as “making women comfortable and creating the right mood for adult relations because too many guys either don’t know what to do or are too thirsty to get laid and forget to have fun.”

Hicks lies compulsively once again by misquoting Ahmed out of context further; “eventually I had to take a p*ss. I pulled my d*ck out to take a p*ss and she said she hadn’t seen a circumcised d*ck before and that’s how the lay happened to start with.” What the vile reporter failed to mention is that this was circumstances between a couple already in a sexual situation and there was absolute consent. The context again was Keith Lemon style male locker room humour. Lighten up Amber, you’re uptight and delusional, it’s not healthy living in a world of denial and hatred or others.

Hippo Hicks waffles on, “he also uploaded audio of his trysts. “OK Amber, so Addy had consensual sex with these women, some of which is adventurous where a couple films each other, again consensual, then it is used for a dating businesses YouTube channel – with all parties involved permitting it to be shown! Also there is no actual pornographic video and all female participants identities are protected because their actual faces are not shown.

Adnan Ahmed even commented on the consented video content in a statement to the BBC Social in November 2018 which was ignored in order to make a video defaming him and not showing his actual views, here is a link to what Addy actually said to the press; http://redpillrights.com/bbc-social-reporter-myles-bonnar-set-up-adnan-ahmed-a-k-a-addy-agame/.

The sleazy dirt bag journalist continued “in one video, titled how to f*** girls in alleyways and public toilets, the sleazy website host approaches on Buchanan Street and Sauchiehall Street while an accomplice secretly films the interaction.” Look at the criminal words Amber uses to describe a camera man, “accomplice,” her vocabulary betrays Hicks secret perversions it’s a disgusting use of language. Amber did you see the video, was there any sex in “alleyways” or “public toilets”? No there wasn’t Amber. And what was the result of the 3 “interactions” on Buchanan Street and Sauchiehall Street? Well they all resulted in all 3 women giving Addy AGame their number! Amber Hicks fails to mention this fact because she is either a liar or stupid or trying to sell a story, it’s actually all 3.

Scam artist Hicks lies more, stating “during one of the incidents, Addy AGame asks a young woman is she’s getting pissed tonight before urging her to meet him in the city’s Kokomo nightclub'” Amber Hicks is foolish yet again with her word choice. “Incident?” According to Amber a short conversation with a woman is an “incident.” In Scotland “getting pissed” is slang for “drinking alcohol” and again we watched the video and again the woman gives Addy her number by choice, Addy does no such thing as “urging” anyone. So Amber what’s the issue with getting drinks with a woman in a nightclub? This is not controversial at all, men and women meet for drinks in nightclubs all over the world. 

Adnan Ahmed aka Addy AGame is not the founding father of “game” of the dating industry. It is a multi-million dollar industry which comes under the self-help umbrella, which started in the United States spread all across the globe. Addy has thousands of followers, others have many more. By the sounds of it, all the commenter has ever helped herself to do it reach for junk food out of the fridge and order Chinese takeaways whilst talking trash on Twitter. Sounds like another low-class Scottish feminist monster!

Amber Hicks then goes onto say “Addy defended his behaviour in the BBC report.” Another lie Amber, this is not healthy for you, it’s pathological, and she misquoted him yet again about, “client base, results, game not going mainstream, political correctness, blah, blah, blah.” Addy didn’t defend his words or behaviour, here is the full quote Amber, read it! Addy actually said, “I don’t feel the need to defend myself to anyone, other people have the right to their opinions, I’m not concerned with that, there’s no need to present a defence. I’m not trying to change minds or the world or society. If people are not into this or fail to understand it, then that’s up to them. Everyone has the right to believe and do what they want. I’m not battling or fighting an invisible war with feminism or anyone else for that matter.”

Addy AGame continued “Society promotes excessive alcohol consumption, drug intake, unhealthy foods and shaming masculinity – we promote the opposite. Again if someone wants to do that then cool, but we don’t and it’s considered ‘out of the box.’ The same goes for relations with the opposite sex. Manners, kindness and femininity are attractive values in females, if a man wants to be with women like this he should improve himself to that standard, he should also have the right to avoid women that don’t meet that criteria. We teach respect for people, men and women. No-one should have an agenda pushed upon them or have to live up to an agenda imposed by others with a bias. We all have to respect each other’s rights to the lives we want, as long as it’s legal and no one is being hurt. If someone is offensive or tries to control the way you think, you should have boundaries and standards to not deal with those people.”

Adnan Ahmed further said, “When you try to tell guys they need to better themselves through self-development, healthy lifestyle, mental health and addressing their issues – they don’t want to listen. Most guys just want the sex, so you give them proof it works to hook them in, then start the internal work so they can realise that sex or women will not bring them sustained happiness. Infield footage is an old ‘game’ cultural thing that I did not create, but I have complied with it at times. The client base wants evidence of results as there are a lot of con men in the community, this is an ethical debate and I can understand where opinions will clash on this. The seduction community can be a controversial place. I see it like gangster rap in its early days, however I don’t feel game will ever go mainstream, it’s not for the politically correct.”

Amber blunders on quoting Addy AGame about his content “the sex audios have been approved in accordance with community guidelines of You Tube, the criteria it meets is educational and not graphic.” She then quotes You Tube saying, “In a statement You Tube said – You Tube has a clear policy that outlines what content is unacceptable to post, and we remove videos that violate this policy when they are flagged by our users.” What’s the point of this Amber, both comments from Addy and YouTube back each other up.

Sluggish Hicks does so to lie further, stating, “2 of Addy’s videos have been removed from the platform for violating their sex and nudity policies.” This is a total and utter bare-faced scandalous lie! The newspaper claimed YouTube had taken down two videos highlighted by BBC The Social for violating policy on sex and nudity. The videos were removed because BBC The Social reported them as offensive and YouTube complied. Reporter Amber Hicks idiotic ambush journalism tactics have no basis of truth, she did not investigate the facts properly and didn’t actually view the videos.

We at Red Pill Rights have obtained copies of the videos from YouTube and can confirm there were no images of sex or nudity in the two videos. In fact a YouTube policy spokeswomen confirmed “YouTube would not have even allowed video containing images of sex or nudity to be uploaded in the first place.”

Insecure radical feminist and Glasgow councillor, Rhianon Spear saw a moment to gain accolade by involving herself in the media scandal, making ludacris claims that rape and coercion were being made into a game. Her outright stupidity was evident through her mention of rape culture, which holds no foundation of truth.

Adnan Ahmed aka Addy AGame, though falsely accused of ridiculous charges of breach of the peace is NOT accused of rape, he is NOT accused of coercion. How irresponsible of an SNP councillor to even bring those two disgusting words into this situation and destroy an innocent man’s reputation and character.

Despite the false allegations against Mr Ahmed, no one – let me repeat, no one has accused him of rape, no one has accused him of coercion. Rhianon Spear should be fired from her job. She has lived up to the stereotype of being an politician making insane outlandish remarks to gain popularity. Look at how she slandered an innocent man, look at her discriminatory stance against justice, look at her hatred of men for just existing – this is not a person that should be in a political position in any way shape or form.

Rhianon Spear is an absolute joke of a politician, who should never have been hired in the first place and should never be taken  seriously again. Her views are dangerous, fascist, separatist and derogatory. She did no background research into Adnan Ahmed’s dating business, yet mouthed off without any prior investigation.

Rhianon Spear does not know Ahmed’s views on women, on consent and about sex. We do; http://www.addyagame.comClick on the link to hear Adnan “Addy AGame” Ahmed talk about his love for women, freedom of sexual expression and to always make sure there is consent as well as his condemnation of rape culture. This debunks Rhianon Spear’s disgusting claims, unfortunately for Mr Ahmed and his family the struggle continues and the stigma from his horrible ordeal may be a life long battle for him and his family, which consist mostly of women. Well done Rhianon, Girl Power! Spear is yet another example of a phony misusing feminism as a weapon to push her own personal agenda, hiding behind the veil of equality, whilst actually hurting more women than she helps. Luckily, not many people believe what politicians say anyway.

Nicola Sturgeon on the other hand helped Mr Ahmed and the concerned women in his family by offering valuable legal advice through her team as well as kind words of support. Evidence of which can be found online.

The MSP wrote to St. Enoch Centre begging, “are you aware this group of men are using you shopping centre to make unsolicited approaches to women whilst filming them…could you make management aware?” Reptile Rhianon Spear trolled every member of DWLF’s social media and collected their pictures and sent them out. When was the last time this cowardly jealous MSP actually did something for the community? The answer is never. She is as useless as her job title and has a clear bias towards a radical feminism agenda, rather than looking at facts objectively.

This shows emotional instability on her part as well as a lack of professionalism. Childish bratty tantrums are unsettling behaviour. Has any man ever approached her – maybe, maybe not; her unstable behaviour and twisted perspective means more towards not than maybe. We at Red Pill Rights did our own investigating; and St. Enoch centre spokesperson told us “we had no reports of disturbances about the group, security never dealt with them, there were never any complaints of approaches or filming, we just reacted to the MSP making a request.”

The Mirror Online continued “Buchanan Galleries said – we have passed this to our security team and will make all other members of staff aware.” Buchanan Galleries took no action, there was no ban and nothing more came of this because nothing illegal even happened.

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