Jan 31, 2021


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Discriminatory Feminist Professor Wacko Jane Ward Delusionally Labels Heterosexuality As Misogynistic And Toxic

University of California, Riverside feminist wacko professor moron Jane Ward called heterosexuality “tragic,” adding that it encourages men to objectify women, and pulls them into “toxic” masculine culture.

Jane Ward stated; “It really looks like straight men and women don’t like each other very much, that women spend so much time complaining about men, and we still have so much evidence of misogyny. From an LGBT perspective, [being straight] looks actually very tragic.”

The professor added that she also feels sorry for straight men, who she delusionally claims are pigeon-holed into a “toxic” masculine culture that tells them they need women, but that they also need to demean them. Typical misandrist nonsense!

The prejudicial article further criticizes gender reveal parties for assuming that “there are only two genders.” Ward stated; “It’s that straight culture is based in a presumption that men and women are really different kinds of people, that they want different things, that they have different interests, and that they are sort of opposite.” Which is the truth, hence why their sports are separate, men have much more testosterone in their bodies and women have more oestrogen – that is a biological fact, they also have different genitalia and women have periods and can give birth, men can’t – it’s very simple and obvious that men and women are different.

The discriminatory professor also described a so-called “misogyny paradox,” which she stupidly claimed causes straight men to struggle to appreciate and respect women, due to a culture that she says applauds men and considers them to be more masculine for hating and objectifying women.

“I think that if men could recognize that equity and feminism are actually really central to a healthy and happy relationship, if that’s something they want, then they might be able to move further in that direction,” said Ward. No thanks idiot, keep your SJW feminist crap to yourself, this women should not be teaching anyone, she needs educated on facts and to get rid of her toxic feminist condioning!

Read the full story here; https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2021/01/27/uc-riverside-professor-jane-ward-heterosexuality-is-tragic/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR10rxliN4b3skECBBIfVLlezD_uZz3KPXNTP7dxjMjVHvkMm_eU_kBWMHY

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