Mar 27, 2021


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Disgusting Australian Feminist School Psychologically Abuse Boys By Forcing Them To Stand Up And Apologise For Being Male

A disgusting Australian feminist school has sparked outrage by forcing its young male students to apologise on behalf of their gender to female classmates.

Brauer College in the south-western Victorian town of Warrnambool held an assembly where boys were told to stand up in a dumb symbolic gesture of apology to random girls and women.

One parent said her son in Year 7 was left confused about why he had to stage the bizarre apology, where boys were told to say sorry that women are raped and sexually assaulted.

‘He said that he was made to stand up and basically apologise… it wasn’t explained properly to the male students what they were doing or why they were doing it,’ said the mother Danielle Shephard.

‘They really should have made more of an effort to notify the parents.’

In a separate post on Facebook, Ms Shepherd shared another complaint from a parent who called the assembly ‘a joke’.

‘Wow just wow… this is actually disgusting Brauer College… not at all impressed that you made my son apologise for something he’s never done nor considered doing,’ she wrote.

A male student also criticised the assembly in a Snapchat post.

‘Guys go through as much s**t as girls do.’

Idiot feminist Brauer College Principal Jane Boyle said the apology part of the assembly was ‘inappropriate’ but defended the school’s intentions.

‘In retrospect, while well-intended, we recognise that this part of the assembly was inappropriate.’

This is yet another horrid attempt to brainwash young men into thinking being masculine is a bad thing in order to further promote the feminist correct method of being male. This is propaganda and mind control this BS along with teaching children perverted LGBT nonsense is destroying future and current generations of western men in the name of gynocentric superiority. People bring your kids up in religious schools, home school them or move to a more conservative country that values men for being men!

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