Dec 09, 2020


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Disgusting Misandrist Feminist Swine Clementine Ford Slammed For Wanting Covid To Kill Men, She Then Blamed The Backlash On Male Fragility Instead Of Feminist Hatred

Feminist swine writer of hate, Clementine Ford issued a rare apology for saying coronavirus “isn’t killing men fast enough” after she was told a council grant to help her write a new book was on the line. Your shoddy apology is not accepted you misadrist clown!

The 39-year-old posted the outrageous statement on Twitter in response to an article written about gender disparities in parenting children during the coronavirus crisis.   She shared the story of a woman forced to quit her lucrative job during the pandemic because her stay-at-home husband couldn’t cope with full time parenting – and said the man in the story was a “pathetic… globular dipsh*t.”

The initial tweet was followed up by a second comment, which read: “Honestly, the coronavirus isn’t killing men fast enough.”

Ford then later issued a long-winded apology after a grant worth thousands of dollars awarded by Melbourne City Council was put under review. She was handed the grant to help her write a new book, but the council is now reviewing its selection process.

Lord Mayor Sally Capp said Ford’s post was “deliberately divisive and incredibly unhelpful when we are trying to keep our community together during COVID-19. I found these comments offensive and distasteful and I agree with the sentiment of outrage expressed by many members of our community.”

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