Nov 17, 2019


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Dishonest BBC Accused of Photo Shopping Jeremy Corbyn’s Hat To Make Him Look Like He Was Colliding With Russia

In 2018 the BBC was once again in the centre of controversy in the UK after it’s program Newsnight was accused of photo shopping Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s hat in a photo to make him look more “Russia.”

On the program they were discussing about escalating tensions with Russia they displayed a background image showing the Kremlin and a photo shopped photo of Jermey Corbyn.

When left-wing writer Owen Jones appeared on Newsnight the following day, he criticised the BBC for the edited photo, saying: “What sort of country do we live in where the media constantly tries to portray the leader of the opposition, who was the only one who stood up in solidarity with Russia’s opposition… as an agent of foreign powers?”

BBC journalist John Sweeney was also questioned about the photo by Alex Salmond on Salmond’s radio show.

“Let’s try to work out if the BBC did or did not Photoshop the Jeremy Corbyn’s image,” Salmond says.

“No it didn’t, no it didn’t,” replies Sweeney.

“I’m looking at this image, there’s no doubt that in the picture of Jeremy Corbyn of a perfectly respectable hat with a peak, seems to have been transformed into red picture of Jeremy Corbyn against the Kremlin and the peak of the hat seems to have disappeared,” Salmond says.

Sweeney continues to defend the photo, saying: “It wasn’t Photoshopped.”

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