Aug 05, 2021


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Domestic Abuser Killer Wife, Angela Surtees, Pleads Guilty To Setting Her Husband On Fire And Burning Him To Death In Front Of Their Young Children

The gruesome details were aired in the Supreme Court of Victoria where Angela Surtees pleaded guilty to killing her husband.

Killer Surtees, 34, was due to face a murder trial but instead struck a plea deal to the lesser charge of manslaughter, which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

Until now, details of what happened have been unclear, but prosecutors revealed the genesis of the incident which left Daniel Surtees, 36, with deep burns to 80 per cent of his body.

The couple had been at an engagement party in the Geelong suburb of Corio when an argument broke out between Mr Surtees and other family members.

Crown prosecutor Ray Gibson QC said a neighbour heard the couple yelling for about 20 minutes before things escalated in their sunroom.

“The accused, stirred up by the events of the day, and aggravated by the behaviour of the deceased, got hold of the 20-litre red jerry can which contained unleaded fuel,” Mr Gibson said.

“The accused removed the cap of the jerry can and poured a significant quantity of petrol onto the deceased while he was sitting in the armchair.”

Mr Gibson told the court that evil domestic abuser Surtees then took a red cigarette lighter, lit it and threatened her husband.

The blaze happened just metres away from where the couple’s children were watching television in the lounge room.

Witnesses report seeing Ms Surtees spraying down her husband on the front lawn with a hose while the armchair was still on fire.

Ms Surtees told a triple-0 operator that the couple had been fighting over a jerry can and she had accidentally spilled it, setting him alight.

It was then that a passing motorist saw smoke from the house and pulled up, where he saw Mr Surtees naked in the front yard and in significant pain.

“His clothes were in the front lawn still burning,” Mr Gibson said.

Mr Surtees was taken to Geelong’s hospital and later The Alfred hospital, where his life support was ultimately turned off.

During her police interview, Ms Surtees said things had escalated after she made a “tough guy remark” about setting people on fire.

She told police her husband had found that comment funny and was “egging her on” in order to justify the murder.

She then said that she took the lid off the jerry can and, in the heat of the moment, doused him in petrol.

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