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Domestic Abuser Murderer Sherry Naidoo Only Jailed For 16 Months For Causing The Death Of Her Boyfriend Paul Jenner (The Usual Female Gender Privilege Reoccurs In Bias & Corrupt UK Courts)

Vile scumbag Sherry Naidoo was seen smiling as she was arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm with intent after hospitalising her partner Paul Jenner.

Mr Jenner needed urgent treatment for brain trauma after enduring two bleeds to the brain, with the incident occurring just five days after Naidoo was released following a six-month prison sentence for another assault on him that needed medical attention.

Bedfordshire Police officer Alicia Lawrence knew the couple from the previous case, and said, “Paul has always been loyal to Sherry. When I look back at the history there have been so many assaults. But Paul wouldn’t name them.”

She’d previously unsuccessfully attempted to persuade Mr Jenner to speak out about the abuse, and admitted it was “massive” for him when he called 999 from hospital and made the allegations against Naidoo.

Mr Jenner told the dispatcher in the call, “I’ve been violently attacked again by my partner. I’m in intensive care. She’s been in prison for six months and she’s come out and done it to me again. I’ve just got to get out the relationship now haven’t I?”

The call handler poignantly replied, “Yes, I would say so. People who love you don’t hurt you like that.”

After hearing the call, Ms Lawrence said “That is massive for him. He’s never given this before. He’s named her.”

Naidoo was heard telling a friend as she was arrested, “I’ll sort it out, I haven’t done nothing. I’ll be out tonight, I ain’t done nothing wrong.”

As she arrived at the station, she continued to the awaiting officers, “He’s p**sed me off, why do it again to me?”

After Mr Jenner’s condition stabilised, police visited him in hospital to get a statement – but he insisted that he’d hit his head while drunk and was worried about his girlfriend being in police custody, adding that she hadn’t assaulted him “in any way, shape or form”.

Ms Lawrence was disheartened by this, saying, “This genuinely concerns me because he obviously wants to engage but he’s scared, but he’s given us just enough with the 999 call. We’ll go in without him.”

Naidoo refused to answer any questions while she was interrogated, and when played Mr Jenner’s 999 call she claimed, “It’s bulls**t coming out of his mouth. I didn’t do nothing to him.”

She was officially arrested while in custody for grievous bodily harm, and she smiled when she was told her rights.

Moments later, it was revealed that Mr Jenner had suffered a heart attack and fallen into a coma while in hospital as Ms Lawrence explained, “He’s only alive by ventilator essentially. No part of his brain is reacting to anything. He really loved her and he protected her until he died. He would have always defended her.”

She continued, “He was completely used to that way of life and it’s all he knew anymore and that’s the tragedy. This is going to be a job that stays with me for life. I hope she goes down for a very long time. Knowing what we know now. I don’t think GBH with intent is enough and I think it should go up again to murder.”

Naidoo ended up being charged with actual bodily harm, and was only sentenced to 16 months in prison. Female privilege strikes again, even if a man’s life is lost in the process!

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