Donald Trump Falsely Accused Of Rape By A Woman He Has Never Met

The #MeToo movement strikes again, giving any psycho the right to falsely accuse any man of rape with no repercussions for lying about it. This time the attack is on American President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has denied allegations he sexually assaulted a columnist in the 1990s, he stated; “I’ll say it with great respect; number one, she’s not my type. Number two, it never happened. It never happened, OK!”

E. Jean Carroll has recently released a book so it is obvious she was looking for publicity, Trump is not a misogynist, he’s a realest, he has a young pretty Eastern European wife and a young daughter.

The most powerful person in the world is a man. A man’s man at that, fat gutted feminists can’t stomach it. His views may not be for everyone, but at least he’s honest.

Trump is not a racist, I’m saying that as a ethnic minority person. One of his close friends and supporters is Kanye West. Trump is a white man that defends a white country. He wants to build a wall to stop criminals from South America coming to the USA. He doesn’t hide it, most politicians do, especially the ones who shout the loudest about equality and feminism.

Trump told four female US politicians to go back to their roots to sort out those countries they are originally from. This is not racist, if they don’t like America they can leave, it’s refreshingly courageous and honest. If these politicians went back to their countries they wouldn’t have a voice or jobs.

Donald Trump is not a racist, he even attempted help African American rapper ASAP Rocky get out of prison in Sweden. Long may his reign continue.

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