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Dumped Misandrist Jessica Nordquist Jailed For Four-And-A-Half Years For Stalking Her Ex-Boyfriend After She Made False Rape & Kidnapping Claims, Fabricated A Pregnancy Hoax And Orchestrated An Online Smear Campaign Against Him

Dumped misandrist Jessica Nordquist tricked her ex-boyfriend into believing she was pregnant with a fake baby bump was jailed for four and a half years years.

She launched a stalking campaign against Mark Weeks that saw her fake her own kidnapping and falsely claim he had raped her.

Nordquist was convicted of two counts of stalking, two of sending malicious communications and one of perverting the course of justice.

She was also slapped with a restraining order banning her from contacting Mr Weeks until further notice.

After the relaltionship soured, Nordquist pretended to be eight weeks pregnant and told her ex she hadn’t gone through with an abortion -instead buying a fake baby bump on Amazon.

Mr Weeks said he received emails from fake email accounts saying Nordquist had been kidnapped and raped.

One message – accompanied by a picture of Nordquist in her underwear, read: “Jessica Nordquist is the one who has been protecting your children from us. We raped and stole her tonight”.

Described as ‘a deeply manipulative and compulsive liar’, Nordquist fabricated a story leading her loved ones to believe she had been kidnapped and raped, sparking a massive police hunt.

In a victim impact statement, Mr Weeks said he was left feeling “absolutely terrified” by Nordquist.

Reading it to the court, Tyrone Silcott, prosecuting, said: “He felt unsafe in his own home.

“He was constantly scared and on the edge about what might happened next to him.”

Giving evidence, Mr Weeks said he feared his career was over after Nordquist sent his colleagues emails claiming he had raped her.

One message said: ‘You should know Mark and Unruly have covered up the most atrocious crime ever.’

Mr Weeks told the court: ‘These allegations were damaging to my personal welfare I am highly anxious, feeling depressed.

‘I didn’t really know what was coming next. It felt my whole life was on hold.’

Mr Weeks said he also received messages about a burglary at his home but he never replied and while he was working from home a reindeer, bought for him by workmates as a Christmas gift, went missing from his desk.

It was later found at Nordquist’s home.

“When he arrived somewhere it always spoiled his enjoyment. He was always looking around to see if he recognised anyone and if anyone looked suspicious.”

Nordquist was jailed for two years and six months for the stalking charges and two years for the malicious communications charges, to run concurrently.

She was jailed for a further two years for the kidnapping incident to run consecutive to the two years and six months – giving a total of four years and six months.

Mr Weeks’ brother was also sent a message which read: ‘Your brother is in trouble. You should be more careful.’

His boss urged him to take two weeks off work on compassionate leave during the stalking campaign.

He decided to remove himself from social media and deleted his Instagram account after forwarding the messages to the police.

Prosecutor Claire Robinson said Nordquist was desperate to get Mr Weeks’ attention after they broke up, and left handwritten notes on his bike and desk.

Nordquist asked to meet for coffee but when Mr Weeks said no he was ‘met with some angry text messages.’

She then claimed she was eight weeks pregnant with his baby and went to the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel on 13 December so she could have an abortion.

The court heard she lied to Mr Weeks about having a termination and claimed she then miscarried.

Nordquist also sent tagged posts to Mr Weeks’ Unruly clients accusing him of rape.

One read: ‘[Mark Weeks] raped her. Unruler raped and assaulted an employee. Still went to work with him and trying to cover it up.’

Ms Robinson told jurors Nordquist harassed ‘not only Mark Weeks but employees of Unruly too.’

Read more; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6265113/Woman-claimed-ex-raped-convicted-stalking-perverting-course-justice.html

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