Aug 10, 2020


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Estranged Father, Jamie Bull Takes His Own Life After Being Prevented From Seeing His Children By Shody Family Court System

A father-of-three hanged himself after his ex-wife barred him from seeing their children at Christmas. Jamie Bull, 36, was found dead at his flat in Cumbria on March 5 by his father Jim and his stepmother Nicola.

Mr Bull’s girlfriend Stephanie Clayton told an inquest about Jamie Bull’s death. She stated that her boyfriend’s struggle with mental health issues ‘spiralled’ at Christmas when his ex-wife stopped him from seeing his children.

She claimed it was the ‘number one reason’ he had been feeling the way he was.  Miss Clayton told the court her partner’s ex Joanne Thornton used his mental health issues ‘against him’ to prevent him seeing them.

She said, “child access only became an issue once his ex-wife found out about our relationship. He only had very limited access. It hurt him a lot. He was devastated.”

Miss Clayton continued; “he left her because he was unhappy. He stayed for the children but when he did leave it was used against him time and time again. His ex wasn’t willing to communicate or reach any kind of compromise.”

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