Jan 27, 2021


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Evil Australian Feminist Mother Katie Perinovic Killed Her 3 Children Then Committed Suicide / The Innocent Grieving Father Was Kept In A Jail Cell As A Suspect Overnight Due To Police Prejudice Towards Men

A maniac feminist mother and her three children were pictured smiling together at a family picnic just weeks before she killed them and herself in a disgusting murder-suicide in Australia. Evil mother-of-three Katie Perinovic, 42, and her children were found dead at their Tullamarine home in Melbourne.

Husband and father Tomislav Perinovic, 48, found the bodies and raised the alarm with a harrowing Triple Zero call. Detectives said Mr Perinovic was not involved in the incident, and he had been released without charge after being unfairly held overnight for questioning. The police took this poor grieving father and treated him as a suspect in his darkest moment, which is a horrid treatment!

Close family friends Frankie and Sanja Franjic visited the house to offer their condolences to Mr Perinovic but the shattered dad was not there and they had not been able to reach him. They stated “he’s (Mr Perinovic is) not answering calls. He’s heartbroken… that’s why I want to talk to him.  The father, he was the most loving father ever; he would spend more time with the kids than with Katie.”

After nearly two days of investigations, police revealed they believe Ms Perinovic killed herself and the children. A statement released  by the bumbling idiotic prejudiced police stated; “homicide squad investigators have formed the preliminary view that the 42-year-old woman is responsible for all four deaths. Investigators do not believe the 48-year-old man was involved in the incident and police are not looking for anyone further in relation to the matter.”

Read the full story here; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9151227/Tullamarine-murder-suicide-Mother-Katie-Perinovic-three-children-pictured-deaths.html

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