Jun 21, 2021


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Evil Ex-Wife Bonita Vivien Coue Stalked & Ambushed Her Ex-Husband, Sprayed Him With Bleach, Slit His Throat And Murdered Him With A Knife Stuck In His Back (Whilst He Was With His 10 Year Old Son)

An evil woman was charged with murder after her ex-husband was found dead in the middle of a road, she stalked him for two weeks before breaking into his apartment building, spraying him with bleach and slitting his throat.

Bonita Vivien Coue, 53, was arrested at an address in Newmarket in Brisbane’s inner north-west after murdering Kerry Michael Rooney. The couple separated in 2013.

Coue appeared in court where the magistrate heard she caught a bus to Mr Rooney’s apartment armed with a bottle of bleach, two kitchen knives and a toy gun.

The single father-of-one was out with his 10-year-old son when she arrived, scumbag Coue lied in wait in the staircase of his apartment building.

Officers claim she had been watching Mr Rooney, 51, and monitoring his comings and goings for two weeks prior to the attack.

Police stated Hungarian-born Coue told officers on the scene she sprayed Mr Rooney in the face with pure bleach to get his attention.

When he turned away from her, she told officers she then stabbed him in the back.

The knife was still lodged in Mr Rooney’s back when officers arrived.

Police stated Mr Rooney was able to escape and screamed for help as Coue followed him, continuing to stab and cut him.

Coue is also accused of pointing her toy gun at a neighbour who tried to intervene with a baseball bat.

She has also been charged with assault occasioning bodily harm relating to allegedly spraying the neighbour with her bottle of bleach.

When Mr Rooney finally fell to the ground in the middle of the street, Coue leaned over the top of him and slit his throat.

Mr Rooney was employed as a test analyst with Queensland’s Department of Education and had previously worked with Queensland Health and the Department of Transport.

Coue was arrested at the scene and was self represented when the matter was mentioned in court.

Despite repeated suggestions from the magistrate that she seek free legal aid, Coue said she ‘couldn’t afford’ the service.

‘I can’t afford it… she’s spruiking for business for Legal Aid… the bill comes later,’ Coue said.

Coue allegedly sat as each of the charges were read to the court before stating: ‘May I say the first charge is true… and the fourth one (going armed as to cause fear) was self defence.’

She is facing one charge of murder, two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and a further count of going armed as to cause fear. Thanks feminism!

Read more; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9695261/Brisbane-dad-Kerry-Rooney-allegedly-throat-slit-ex-wife-laid-wait-apartment.html

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