Mar 19, 2021


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Evil False Accuser Amber Everett Arrested For Making False Rape & Child Abuse Allegations Against Innocent Man In Failed Revenge Plot

A evil false accuser woman was arrested for filing false rape and child abuse allegations against an innocent man.

Amber Everett, 33, of 75 Washington St., withdrew her complaints to police after conceding to detectives that she made them to get revenge against the man, according to court documents.

She faces one count of providing a false statement and two counts of second-degree falsely reporting an incident.

According to court papers, Everett told police her 4-year-old daughter was abused and she named a man in his 30s as the suspect. She told investigators that the man picked the girl up, slammed her on a chair, smacked her inner thigh and began pinching her underarm, the documents continued. Everett also told police the girl developed a welt on her thigh and bruising under her arm.

Detectives wrote that Everett also made sexual assault allegations against the same man, saying the two were having consensual sex when he began engaging in a sexual act she did not agree to, according to court papers. The woman said she cried, screamed and asked him to stop, but he refused, court documents indicate.

Police said Everett later withdrew her complaints, saying they were false. She cited revenge as her motive for filing them in the first place, according to police.

Miraculously evil Everett is free on a promise to appear in court, she should be remanded in custody or be in a mental hospital as clearly modern day feminism has rotted her brain!

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