Evil Scum Mother Sarah Ganoe Disemboweled And Murdered Her 10 Month Old Son & Stabbed Her 8 Year Old Daughter 50 Times To Get Back At Her Fiance

“Don’t be sad, but the house will be bloody when you get home,” Sarah Ganoe, 35, voice-texted her fiancé John Howard on the night that it happened, according to police in Virginia.

According to police records, Howard raced home and found his the children who were both disemboweled: their 10-month-old son Zell Howard and Ganoe’s 8-year-old Winter Ganoe.

“Upon entry, John Howard observed a large amount of blood in numerous bedrooms, he then located Sarah Ganoe [and the two children] lying on the bed in the master bedroom.”

Each of the two children, police wrote in the graphic affidavit, suffered from “an evisceration to [their] abdomen.”

The infant was pronounced dead on the scene after failed attempts to revive him by paramedics. The older child survived and is currently in critical but stable condition.

Winter Ganoe had “at least fifty stab wounds throughout her body.” She is apparently on the autism spectrum, according to her grandmother, and that police have been called to the residence before for “domestic-type” incidents, according to the Newport News Police Department.

Sarah Ganoe “had superficial stab wounds” when authorities arrived as well as “one bite mark to her right forearm.” She told police the latter was due to Winter Ganoe “biting her in an attempt to get free.”

“After being medically cleared, she was transported to Newport News Police Headquarters and interviewed,” the document authored by Newport News Police Detective Brittany Beggs notes; “Post Miranda, Sarah Ganoe admitted to stabbing her two children, Zell Howard and Winter Ganoe, multiple times with a knife. She had bruising to her hand and right arm that she stated was caused by ‘hammering’ the knife during the stabbing.”

The knife in question was a pocketknife with a 2.5 inch blade.

“Any loss of life is difficult, but it’s especially challenging when it involves innocent children,” Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew said during a press conference. “I cannot be more impressed with the professionalism and compassion demonstrated by Newport News police personnel, starting with the dispatchers who took the call to the officers, detectives, and forensic technicians who handled and processed a horrific crime scene.”

Ganoe was arraigned after being charged with one count of second-degree murder, two counts of felony child abuse, two counts of stabbing in commission of a felony and one count of aggravated malicious wounding.

A neighbour of Ganoe’s stated that she told him “she liked to dip into witchcraft a little bit.”

“I mean for there to be multiple stab wounds on both kids, it was very heartbreaking,” the neighbour, Clay Connell added. “No child deserves anything like that.”

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