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Evil Single Mother Samantha Moreno Rodriguez Murdered Her 7 Year Old Autistic Son And Left His Dead Body Naked In The Desert

The evil single mother (Samantha Moreno Rodriguez)  of a seven-year-old autistic boy who was found murdered and dumped on a hiking trail near Las Vegas was at breakfast with a man she’d met only a few days earlier when police tracked her down and arrested her.

Police arrested Samantha Moreno Rodriguez, 35, in Denver, they now say that when they picked her up having an apparent breakfast date, signs pointed to her simply looking to move on with her life – even though she’s suspected of killing her son

‘There’s every indication that when she left San Jose that she was intending on starting a new life,’ Las Vegas Metro Homicide Lt. Ray Spencer told the I-Team.

The suspect can even be seen all dolled up with makeup in her mugshot photo taken after Rodriguez was arrested.

Rodriguez, 35, of San Jose is facing charges of murdering her seven-year-old son, Liam Husted. She left her partner a note before leaving the city.

‘I’m sorry I had to do it like this,’ she said. ‘I’m going to try and get a house for Liam and I, and we can talk about this in the future.’

She didn’t have a plan to get a house, though. Instead, hikers found her son’s naked body eight feet off a dirt road behind bushes in Mountain Spring near Las Vegas.

After being reported missing by the father, police received 500 tips and launched investigation with a team of 24 detectives.

Hikers up in Mountain Spring found his body that same day and reported the incident to authorities.

Police found several scrapes on the boy’s body which indicated that he was dragged up in the mountain.

We knew from the examination of Liam’s body that someone was having a difficult time moving him,’ Spencer said.

Investigators were not able to find his clothing.

Spencer went on to add that ‘We were very fortunate that that hiker went behind that bush that morning.’

Detectives and officers worked day and night to find the boy.

‘At the end, when everything comes out about how much work went into this case, it’s just an unbelievable effort by this police department to hold someone responsible for what they did,’ Spencer said.

Police believe there is every indication that Husted was killed, but they would wait until the coroner’s office rules out the cause of death.

Everyone’s attention is now focused on Rodriguez and why she has committed such a heinous crime.

‘The only person who can answer that is Samantha,’ Spencer said.

Court documents show Rodriguez has waived her right for an extradition hearing in Colorado.

That will speed up the process of moving her back to Clark County in Nevada where the crime allegedly occurred.

The father, Nicholas reported Liam missing a week after finding the letter, but said he did not think his son was in danger.

Prior to her arrest, Rodriguez was last seen on May 31 alone at a Denver-area hotel.

She was last seen with Liam on May 26 – two days before he was found dead.

Police said the mother and son left San Jose on May 24, driving a dark blue 2007 Dodge Caliber sedan with the back seat packed full of belongings.

Liam’s body was found shortly after dawn May 28 behind a bush at a trailhead off the main highway between Las Vegas and rural Pahrump.

He had become the focus of a massive campaign which the local community became involved in.

‘This young boy didn’t live here, but he is one of us. He could be your child,’ one of the vigil’s organisers Dina Lynn said. ‘Liam Husted. We won’t forget your name.’

Husted told the Review Journal: ‘I just had to come and show my appreciation for everything you guys did in this community to take him under your wing like he was your own when I wasn’t able to be here with him, really means a lot to me, and I know he appreciates it just as much as I do.’

‘He was one in a trillion,’ the father added. ‘I’m still in shock. I still don’t want to believe it.’

Rodriguez was arrested at a roadside hotel in Denver, Colorado by the Denver Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force.

Las Vegas police Lieutenant Ray Spencer said Rodriguez was with a man when she was found but police do not believe he had ‘any involvement whatsoever in this case.’

‘We are all relieved that we were able to get her into custody so quickly,’ said Spencer, the homicide lieutenant who had made nearly daily pleas for public help to identify the child’s body after it was discovered by hikers.

Spencer would not say during a news conference last week how Liam died or describe a motive for the killing. He referred to a coroner’s investigation and toxicology tests, which can take weeks to complete.

However, he did say it was clear that the boy had been killed in the remote Mountain Springs area where he was found.

Spencer has previously described a ‘heartbreaking conversation’ with the child’s father following his identification and has confirmed that the father is not a suspect in the killing.

The homicide lieutenant had also said there was ‘nothing that would indicate any prior abuse that we’re aware of’.

Liam’s body was found shortly after dawn May 28 behind a bush at a trailhead off the main highway between Las Vegas and rural Pahrump.

Before Liam was identified, authorities released digitally enhanced images of an unidentified boy, developed by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children – based on images shared by the medical examiner.

They were released on Thursday, June 3, along with news of the $10,000 reward for anyone with information pointing to the boy’s identity.

The renderings painted a vivid picture of an eight-to-10-year-old Hispanic boy dubbed John ‘Little Zion’ Doe, who was later identified as Liam Husted.

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