Jan 10, 2020


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Facebook And YouTube Censorship – Shadow Banning Free Speech

This Is How Our Free Speech Is Dictated – Social Media, Facebook and YouTube Mind Control!

Recently Facebook invoked its free speech right as a publisher, to exercise it’s own free speech and ban controversial political performance artist Laura Loomer from its platform. They smeared her as a dangerous extremist despite this being untrue, free speech is allowed in America by law under the First Amendment.

In the past Facebook has stated they are a technology company which provides a platform for users to have free speech. In the current politically correct society this is no longer allowed and politically motivated censorship is pushed.

YouTube and Facebook both have censorship rules and ban individuals that break those rules. The platform is just another media platform to feed and control the minds of people to follow a feminist narrative. Any individuals outside of that narrative or that have an opinion which does not suit that narrative is cut off and banned from the platforms.

Read the full article here: https://www.rt.com/usa/469209-facebook-publisher-laura-loomer-lawsuit/