False Accuser Elizabeth Coast Lied About Sexual Assault Resulting In An Innocent Man Going To Jail For 4 Years, After She Confessed About Lying She Was Ordered To Pay $90,000 And Complete A 2 Month “Weekend Only” Sentence

False accuser Elizabeth Coast, 26, of Hampton, Virginia falsely claimed that when she was 10, a 14-year-old boy sexually molested her. Her lie ended up landing innocent man Johnathan C. Montgomery in prison for four years. She ended up getting 2 months of jail time, which she served on weekends and had to pay a $90,000 restitution charge on top of that.

Elizabeth Paige Coast came forward and admitted that she had lied about Montgomery molesting her.

Coast confessed to a judge that the lie started after she was caught by her mother looking at pornography on the internet. She then lied to her mother that she had been sexually assaulted by their neighbour, Johnathan C. Montgomery who was 14 at the time. “The lie snowballed from there,” says Coast. “I had no idea how far this lie would go,” Coast said.

Coast testified during the trial that Montgomery had molested her which led to him being convicted and getting a 7 year sentence in prison. The crazy part, was that there wasn’t enough evidence in the case to convict Montgomery, but the judged sided with Coast anyway.

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